November 2017

PAX Aus 2017: City of Brass; gonna kick your ass

It's not just my weekends that involve cursed cities, death traps, a whip in hand and a great load of booty; At PAX Aus this year I was lucky enough to check out City of Brass, an Early Access title from Uppercut games  and a chat with the team behind it. If you're a fan of puzzles and dying a lot, as seems to be rather in vogue at the moment, this won't be one to miss. Read on


PAX Aus 2017: Dead Static Drive gives you a spooky road trip

Even without the 90's spooky TV the inescapable isolation the geography of the region creates goes hand in hand with the idea that the fabric between our world and others can get pretty thin. I thrive off of these themes and can't get enough of them, so I can guarantee that Dead Static Drive is somewhere at the top of my most anticipated games. Read on


PAX Aus 2017: Your coffee with a side of Necromancy is ready in Necrobarista

The important aspects of a good video game for me are its presentation, art style and subsequent emotional response that comes from playing it. When you add this to an intriguing story and catchy soundtrack you’ll find Australian developers Route 59’s cinematic visual novel Necrobarista, which has certainly got me excited and raring to get my hands on the finished product. Read on

PAX Aus 2017: Rumu has it

With so many incredible titles from our many amazing indie Australian developer, it can be hard to stand out but one little vacuum cleaner has absolutely captured my heart. I'm talking, of course, about the one and only Rumu. Read on