May 2017

April 2017

Planeswalk like an Egyptian

Amonkhet, the 74th expansion of the Magic: The Gathering universe is releasing soon and it recreates Egyptian mythology with a dragon twist. After an opportunity to try it out, here are our thoughts. Read on

March 2017

Why we need events like GX Australia

GX Australia was Australia’s first LGBTIQ video game convention that catered for both gamers and geeks (is there really a difference?), with the primary aim of providing a ‘safe and inclusive space for everyone to have fun’. Read on

Hands-on: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is an upcoming open world, first person tactical/espionage shooter from developers CI Games. While being the third title in the series, this will be the first to feature a AAA level of production. Read on


February 2017

Can you escape The Old Haunt?

“You and your friends are out exploring the countryside when the storm hits. In search of refuge from the rain, you stumble across a deserted home. Breaking in, you find yourselves in a long-abandoned world of lost love. You may be protected from the rain, but the house has a strange past and an uncertain future… and now you are trapped.” Read on


Revolt with Magic the Gathering and take back the power!

First published in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast, there's no denying Magic the Gathering has stood the test of time. With close to the equivalent of the population of Australia playing the game (approximately 20 million as of 2015) there is little question that Magic is still the number one trading card game title. Read on


January 2017

Snipperclips Hands-On

Snipperclips is a delightful little multiplayer game that has you slicing up your avatar to create the shapes needed to beat puzzles and accomplish tasks. There were a lot of big-name titles on display last weekend at the Nintendo Switch Event, but that's no reason to forget about the little ones! Read on


ARMS Hands-On

Zelda: Breath of the Wild might have been my main goal at the recent Nintendo Switch event here in Melbourne, ARMS was most definitely next in line for me to get my hands (or should I say arms on). ARMS was one of two games at the event (1-2-Switch being the other) which truly showcased the potential of the Joy-Con controllers and the powerfully fun party aspect of the Nintendo Switch. While 1-2-Switch nicely settles into the Switch's equivalent to Wii Sports, you would assume ARMs would take the place of Wii Boxing. However, ARMS felt much more like someone took Punch-Out!, put it in a fluoro arena and gave everyone Slinkies for arms! Read on