Super Mario Party Jamboree arrives this October

Posted on June 19, 2024

Suggested to be “the biggest Mario Party yet”, Super Mario Party Jamboree was announced today during the latest Nintendo Direct. This most recent Mario Party is the latest in 3 years, with Mario Party Superstars returning to old classics back in 2021.

Jamboree’s debut trailer showcased a bunch of minigames, stages, and game modes on offer. Rainbow Galleria is a mall-themed stage with lovely pastel colours everywhere and “flash sales” allowing you to pick up discounted stars if you time it right! Roll ’em Raceway is a racecar-themed track, with a “turbo dice item” allowing players to move a potential of 40 spaces. Goomba Lagoon looks to be a tropical paradise, with natural elements like the tide and a volcano eruption impacting the stage. Two other new stages join the Super Mario Party Jamboree roster, including ‘Mega Wiggler’s Tree Party’ and ‘King Bowser’s Keep’, though we didn’t get a close look at those. We also know that Mario’s Rainbow Castle from Mario Party and Western Land from Mario Party 2 will be included in the launch lineup.

The game’s trailer also showcased a bunch of new minigames, which appear to range from obstacle course-style races to little waggle minigames with the Joy-Con. 110 minigames are on offer, so Super Mario Party Jamboree will no doubt have a lot of content on launch, the largest in the franchise’s history. Perhaps even more exciting are the game modes on offer, with ‘Koopthlon’ allowing 20 players to compete online, and other modes still yet to be revealed.

Super Mario Party Jamboree is set to release on Nintendo Switch on October 17th, 2024.