February 2018

Dissembler is ready to put your brain to the test!

If you're a fan of the abstract or simply like to put your brain to the test then Dissembler by prolific Melbourne based indie developer Ian MacLarty is definitely something you should be putting on your gaming wish list. Specialising in the abstract and in bringing gamers a kaleidoscope of visual experiences,his latest project Dissembler is a more minimalist experience featuring a beautifully chilled soundtrack. Read on


Nintendo to completely fund Bayonetta 3

PlatinumGames director and creator of the Bayonetta franchise, Hideki Kamiya, has taken to Twitter unexpectedly to give an insight to the controversial development past of the series. Kamiya also confirmed that the upcoming Bayonetta 3 is being funded entirely by Nintendo and that the series is now a Nintendo-exclusive IP. Read on


Co-op stealth game Hacktag sneakily releases

Piece of Cake Studios have announced that its award-winning co-op stealth game, Hacktag, has released today on Steam. Hacktag features an isometric perspective and tasks players with infiltrating corporations and stealing data. Read on