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Checkpoint is a nationally syndicated video game radio show based out of Melbourne, Australia. We’re a community of diverse gamers who produce an award-winning, 2 hour radio broadcast every week alongside daily web content and additional podcasts. Checkpoint broadcasts out of our home station, JOY 94.9, which airs live every Saturday at 2PM AEST! The show is then re-broadcast to a national audience via the Community Radio Network every Tuesday at 7pm AEST.

We’ve been running Checkpoint since July 2014, and our main purpose of creating the show was to try and do things a little bit differently. Yes, we want to make sure we bring you the important reviews, gaming news and discussions about the games industry because it’s an industry that all of us love and respect so much.

There are other issues however that are not discussed as often as they should be. Sexuality, diversity and the importance of LGBTQIA+ representation has been an ongoing discussion and platform for us, and it’s something incredibly important to focus on. The best way to describe what we do on Checkpoint is this: we want to inform and engage with gamers like you on important issues; issues that you care about.

Checkpoint crew

Also, there are some exciting things happening here in Australia when it comes to video games, with a pumping indie scene full of talented game developers. We aim to highlight those developers and games and give them a voice on an international scale because we’re proud of our industry here! 

Not only that, but the whole team has a genuine mix of opinions on these topics. We all come from different backgrounds and different walks of life, and this gives us a real chance to be truly honest. We hope that you genuinely engage with our content for those reasons and more. We are diverse, we are unique, we are passionate – and we know you are too.

For more information on Checkpoint on JOY 94.9 and to get involved with the show/website, please contact the team – [email protected]

For Media/PR/Sponsorship/Review inquiries, please contact Editor Luke Mitchell directly – [email protected]

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