February 2017

For Honor

For Honor has a premise that speaks to me and engages me instantly. Vikings vs. Knights vs. Samurai in an epic showdown with intense, violent hand-to-hand combat? Where do I… read on


Gravity Rush 2

Get ready to re-live the nausea and adrenaline of the first game all over again! read on


Sniper Elite 4

I'll be honest here, I do have a bit of a reputation on the Checkpoint team as the "go-to-girl" for shooting games. While I'm a massive fan of the genre,… read on



Nioh is the latest game in the “so tough yet so rewarding” genre of action RPGs to be released. The genre saw a big push with releases like Dark Souls… read on


Halo Wars 2

It's fair to say the advertising campaign for Halo Wars 2 has been one of the best in recent years. Not only did it have an amazing trailer at E3… read on


Tales Of Berseria

A Tales like no other perhaps? Join Velvet on her path to vengeance and just maybe you'll find redemption. read on


Nefarious has a great story but the gameplay is another form of villainy. read on

Digimon World: Next Order

If you were a youth of the 90's like myself then you understand it was an amazing time, Dragon Ball, Pokémon, Sailor Moon and Digimon were the rulers of television.… read on