February 2017

For Honor Review

For Honor has a premise that speaks to me and engages me instantly. Vikings vs. Knights vs. Samurai in an epic showdown with intense, violent hand-to-hand combat? Where do I… read on


Sniper Elite 4 Review

I'll be honest here, I do have a bit of a reputation on the Checkpoint team as the "go-to-girl" for shooting games. While I'm a massive fan of the genre,… read on


Nioh Review

Nioh is the latest game in the “so tough yet so rewarding” genre of action RPGs to be released. The genre saw a big push with releases like Dark Souls… read on


Halo Wars 2 Review

It's fair to say the advertising campaign for Halo Wars 2 has been one of the best in recent years. Not only did it have an amazing trailer at E3… read on


Digimon World: Next Order Review

If you were a youth of the 90's like myself then you understand it was an amazing time, Dragon Ball, Pokémon, Sailor Moon and Digimon were the rulers of television.… read on