June 2017

Get Even Review

You try to get a feel for your environment. There is shrubbery, some buildings and some threatening guard types with guns. You’re uncertain as to where you are and where… read on


Conarium Review

Conarium is a chilling Lovecraftian tale where man attempts to push the limits of human consciousness. read on


Drifting Lands Review

Drifting Lands is a new age Galaga, with a gear driven twist. This game is exciting, well designed and an interesting take on ARPG's. read on

ARMS Review

My excitement for ARMS (the Nintendo Switch's new fighter and answer to the Wii's Punch-Out!) has been pretty high since I was fortunate enough to attend the Nintendo Switch reveal… read on


DiRT 4 Review

DiRT has always been a more serious racer than most, focusing on rally driving, particularly prominent in 2015’s DiRT Rally. It was incredibly difficult almost to a fault, with precision… read on