Ethics and coverage policy

Checkpoint Gaming is an independently run institution, helping us maintain autonomy in all content and coverage decisions. This includes but is not limited to the games we review, the news and feature articles we write, the games and topics we discuss on-air, and the games and topics we post about via social media. Our coverage remains uninfluenced by external sources. Should advertisers or sponsors play a role in Checkpoint Gaming’s coverage, it will be forthrightly disclosed.

Here at Checkpoint Gaming, we avoid all forms of conflict of interest and bias by deligating reviews and coverage responsibly. Contributors will not be covering games where a conflict of interest may be present. Any conflicts of interest that may exist within the management team will be forthrightly disclosed.

The Checkpoint Gaming editorial team reserves the right to refuse to produce content on the grounds of ethical consideration. We are first and foremost an organisation based on LGBTQIA+ rights and perspectives. We fight for our community and won’t tolerate targeted and unequivocal bigotry. Our content is therefore not necessarily apolitical, with our writers and presenters encouraged to take considered stances and express their opinions.

We have a duty to the well-being and safety of our contributors. We, therefore, take a firm stance against overworking writers to hit an unreasonable deadline. With this in mind, some games may not be reviewed by Checkpoint Gaming should we not be given adequate time to form and express opinions.

We are governed by ethical and legal obligations across broadcast and journalism. These include but are not limited to reporting and interpreting honestly, attributing information to its source, respecting personal privacy, and disclosing any conflict of interest.

As a general courtesy to our readers and listeners, we’ll also strive to present disclaimers about important recent happenings on relevant topics and articles to keep people informed. Please note, we have to respect any ongoing legal trials and avoid passing judgement during these periods.

It’s not an exact science, but what Checkpoint Gaming does and does not cover due to ethical reasoning and what disclaimers we do or do not make will always be well thought out with the intention of representing and respecting our communities, audiences, and obligations as a broadcaster and journalistic body.

Our Ethics and Coverage Guidelines will evolve over time as we continue to strive to represent our communities and be as ethical and forthright as we can possibly be.