EA E3 Round-Up

Posted on June 19, 2016

Not so long ago at the E3 Expo not so far away….


Episode IV: A New Hope?

“It is a period of civil unrest amongst the gaming community.  Gamers, striking from their wallets, had won their first victory against the evil Electronic Arts, making them do a bit of soul searching (at least I had hoped) in preparation for their next gaming titles.

During E3 2016, gamers managed to finally see the new plans for EA’s Titan Fall 2, a grappling hook, a clumsy weapon that somehow is able to destroy an enemy Titan, and Mass Effect: Andromeda that will contain, um, things.

Pursued by EA’s reputation as one of the worst companies in America, Snoop Dogg races to the rescue to play the 64-player Battlefield 1, though only showed that you can now play as a WW1 Tank whilst being tanked.”

Episode V: EA Strikes Out

“It is a dark time for sporting fans.  Although EA’s reputation has been all but destroyed, the nail has been driven further with a new story mode “The Journey” for FIFA 17 that looks more like an ad for an insurance company than a sporting game.  Thankfully Madden 17 did not follow suit.

Evading the needs of their consumers, EA at least wishes to support Indie developers, and has established a new initiative called EA Originals to help them develop titles, with the first title being Fe.

Electronic Arts, obsessed with finding a good reputation, has announced they will dispatch thousands of dollars (actually US$1 million) to charities, as long as gamers play their games and complete in-game tasks…”

Episode VI: Return to the Jedi

“EA has returned to what it does best in an attempt to tease gamers with some very impressive looking titles its subsidiary studios have been busy developing.

Little does EA know that the success of Star Wars games are not just in their visuals and good gameplay is essential despite the powerful branding associated with them.

When completed, the new VR game titles could spell certain doom for their competitors however EA will now struggle both to restore confidence in their market as well as selling a new technology in the process…”

In short ( without my lame attempt at Star Wars text crawl), fans still face an unrequited love when it comes to EA, though with hesitation I am looking forward to their VR developments such as the additional content for Star Wars Battlefront (I want to fly an X-Wing!).  In seemingly typical EA fashion their presence at E3 2016 was more pretty and celebrity focussed and less substance (unless we are talking about Snoop Dogg).