Posted on November 13, 2016

As soon as Luke and I picked up our controllers for CHROMA SHIFT, we were instantly dumbfounded  about what we were doing and what the purposes of the game was. Little robots jumping around, falling off ledges , changing colors, dying, re-spawning… basically, we were a mess. But it didn’t take long for us to find our feet.

In many ways CHROMA SHIFT resembles Portal, mainly in the way that colors and puzzles play an important role in progressing through the game. You take control of two unique robots that are heavily dependent on each other, one light and one heavy. The heavy is used to give the light robot a boost to access areas where it cannot reach and the light robot provides a path for the heavy to get to its location through the use of switches.

Turning into particular colors ranging from white, orange and green helps the player access areas to solve particular puzzles; for example, enter a green area while your robot is orange and you’ll be fried to ash.

The game depends heavily on patience, team work and brain work, which most of the time is heavily tested. There were moderate long pauses Luke and I had between the both of us communicating a lot trying to figure out our game plan, as well as the solution to the color puzzles, which were brilliantly challenging. Controls are also really smooth and easy to grasp, which allows you to jump right in rather then spending time trying to figure out how to play.

“…the game looks impressively eye-catching with its neon colors and metallic feel.”

Although there were a lot of frustrating times, it’s games like this that really make gaming interesting, and delivers on many levels. The visuals are also amazing to look at. You can tell that a lot of effort has been put in to making this game look impressively eye-catching with its neon colors and metallic feel. The soundtrack that accompanies the gameplay nicely pieces it all together.

If you’re a true puzzle solver and enjoy games that is easy to learn, contains challenging puzzles and nice visuals, get on board this excellent game and prepare to be tested!

CHROMA SHIFT  is set to release June, 2017 on Windows PC. It has also been mentioned by DevOrDie Studios that the title may also be seen on  PS4 and Xbox One, so here’s hoping! You can follow the progress of the game by going to their website or checking out their Facebook page.