PAX AUS Indies 2016: The Incredible Journey of You and I

Posted on November 14, 2016

I was walking through PAX 2016 and a cute yet psychotic looking face spewing rainbows caught my eye.  Then game footage of a giant pink hamster drew me in.

The Incredible Journey of You and I is an imaginative and visually adorable game (in a delightfully twisted kind of way) that could easily become an episode of Adventure Time.

Created by Canberra-based indie company Shy Kids Club (comprised of duo Nic and Craig), The Incredible Journey of You and I follows a basic storyline where party monsters (i.e. those black blobs) have invaded the planet ruining everyone’s fun.  Two cute characters fresh from the set of Happy Tree Friends jump into their spaceship to save the day.  Their ship is composed of two different elements: air (pink) and water (blue).  When flying in the air, the pink side controls the flying with the blue shooting lasers/bullets. And likewise, when underwater, the blue side takes the helm and the pink side becomes the shooter.

And to make things interesting and more challenging , certain enemies and targets can only be destroyed using pink or blue lasers.

This game is designed to be a two-player co-op, and a high level of coordination is needed to be successful.  This is quite an innovative feature, as you not only need to pay attention to the game (and not be too distracted by the overwhelming cute factor), but you need to be prepared to change from flying to shooting constantly with your friend doing the same.  If you both can achieve that, this game is sure to be an incredible journey.  And the in-game humour will make your journey also quite hilarious.

The controls are smooth and simple to learn, which is needed as the game can become complex quite quickly, promising a constant fun challenge.  Those who have successfully played New Super Mario Wii in multiplayer mode will be familiar with  the two-player mode.

And if you are a control freak like me, there is a single player option that includes a hard mode where you need to control both sides at once, swapping the controls for each side.

Although a fun demo was available to play at PAX 2016, The Incredible Journey of You and I is still under development and is expected to be released sometime in 2017.

The cute and twisted graphics  and gameplay will make me buy this game, and although I thoroughly recommend this title, you may need new friends after if you choose to play two-player .   This is also one of those games that is as addictive to watch as it is to play.  Check out the gameplay video below for yourself!