PAX AUS Indies 2016: Blockpocalypse

Posted on November 23, 2016

We couldn’t round out or PAX AUS coverage without a shout out to everybody’s favourite apocalypse party game, Blockpocalypse!

Debuting last year at PAX AUS 2015, having just gotten onto Steam Greenlight, one year on and Blockpocalypse is moving forward in strides, having just released to the public via Steam Early Access.

Luke and I caught up with the guys from Dime Studios last year at The Arcade, and were both instantly grabbed by this title, which admittedly is squarely aimed at those of us adult gamers who grew up in the time of the floppy disk.


For those of you new to this retro-styled gem, primarily designed as a couch co-op, the primary Survival mode sees up to 4 players in a mad dash scramble away from the rising lava and into a waiting helicopter. While group survival is pinned on everyone pitching in, there is something to be said for the tactic of pitching your teammates into the lava instead. ‘Every man for himself’ as it is, after all.

As to what’s new since we last got hands on with Blockpocalypse, besides general polish as it goes into full release, there have been some notable changes. The biggest being the addition of online multiplayer.

While  specifically designed originally as a classic couch co-op, the guys at Dime Studios concede that isn’t always readily available. With gameplay at it’s peak with a full compliment of 4 players, rather than squeezing onto a shared keyboard or remember to bring that extra controller next time you get together, the addition of  being able to play with those in your Steam friends list makes this title far more accessible; the inclusion of direct IP address matches a nod once again to it’s 20th century roots.


Currently sporting a Halloween theme filled with classic horror tropes and characters, fans of sports-hybrids like #IDARB and Rocket League may well want to take the time to check out Block Ball, a simple premise with chaotic result.

Another visible change, Crown of Chaos, a king-of-the-hill style survival mode has changed to Cake of Chaos and I’ll admit I’m both unsure of the reference (the only one I can think of is Portal), and unsure if this is a temporary or permanent change. Regardless your task is simple, yet not-so-easy. Get the cake; keep the cake.

With the care and attention this game has received by the development team, who are continuing to roll out regular updates and additions, it’s clear that there is no intention to simply release on Steam and move onto the next project, as so easily can be the case.  Giving plenty of fast-paced fodder for game streamers and casters, I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more Blockpocalypse action.

For more info be sure to check out their website and Steam page!