Snipperclips Hands-On

Posted on January 19, 2017

There were a lot of big-name titles on display last weekend at the Nintendo Switch Event, but that’s no reason to forget about the little ones!

Snipperclips is a delightful little multiplayer game that has you slicing up your avatar to create the shapes needed to beat puzzles and accomplish tasks. And honestly this new minor IP from Nintendo was a pleasant surprise.

“there’s just something so undeniably satisfying about snipping your so-called friends into oblivion.”

In Snipperclips, Luke and I each took control of our adorable and oddly-shaped avatars; which have the ability to cut each other into different shapes. If you’re thinking this would lead what is supposed to be cooperative play down the path into betrayal,  you’d be correct. I’m looking directly at you Luke! Truthfully though it’s hard to deny, there’s just something so undeniably satisfying about snipping your so-called friends into oblivion.

Snipperclips starts off easy enough but, like all puzzlers, soon becomes more complicated. Instead of having you and your partner fill and fit required shapes, harder puzzles require you to work together to accomplish tasks such as putting a basketball into the hoop. This means that players will need to work together to figure out what shape they’ll need to be in order to execute the task.

While the core of the game may appear to be teamwork (teamwork is fleeting, winning is forever!), it is, at it’s heart, a puzzler; and it’s that puzzler aspect which will help hold your team together. By using a combination of  problem-solving skills and that scissor licence you got in primary school, there will be no challenge too great.

We both had great fun playing this title. It’s a unique and extremely cute idea, that appeals to both the regular- and casual-gamer market. For me, the added appeal of it’s pick-up-and-play ability, putting down when needed, is a big draw for those who are time poor or prefer their gaming sessions to be in smaller increments.

Snipperclips can apparently be played by one or up to four players. However, it’s not yet clear how a game that seems to require at least two people will function in a single-player mode.  Either way, we’ll likely learn more as the game gets closer to launch.

Snipperclips will launch for the Nintendo Switch in March.