PAX Aus 2017: Super Lucky’s Tale is the adorable platformer the Xbox needed

Posted on October 31, 2017

One of the games that impressed me the most at PAX Australia this year was an adorable little platformer by the name of Super Lucky’s Tale.

2017 has been a bit of a resurgence for the 3D plaformer genre although unfortunately not every game has lived up to expectations. Recapturing the wonder of classic games from within the genre turned out to be a very difficult affair, but Super Lucky’s Tale is absolutely on the right path.

“the urge to collect all the coins was a primal and untameable instinct”

The demo I got to experience at PAX Australia was surprisingly long with a confident chunk of content on offer. Moving from a beautiful and luscious world to a more dangerous and dark cavern, the world was always alive and always adorable. Jumping, attacking and digging your way around, the game controlled fantastically and it genuinely brought me back to my childhood where I could get lost in a beautiful world. Not to mention the critters and wildlife around you had a lot of personality and the urge to collect all the coins was a primal and untameable instinct.

Your interaction with the game was fairly limited and the difficulty of the game was fairly casual, but it alluded to more challenges coming up. A particular chase sequence within the demo was certainly my highlight because it changed the pace of the experience and ramped up the challenge. It made you think on your feet and interact with a 3D platformer in a way that you wouldn’t typically. The mixture of familiar and new came together in a very satisfying way and left me excited to see more of the game.

Microsoft certainly has another amazing product on their hands with Super Lucky’s Tale launching so soon after the insane success of Cuphead. Indie games are getting bigger and bigger and the Xbox is building a reputation as a fantastic way of experiencing these gems.

Super Lucky’s Tale isn’t very far away with a November 7th 2017 release date. The game will be available on PC and Xbox One.