Coming Out — July 16

Posted on July 15, 2018

This week, starting July 16, get ready for indies in a plethora of genres from fighting games, puzzlers and first person shooters. There is surely something for most people. Don’t worry though, one of the original names in gaming is releasing an update to their recently well received entry that was heavily influenced by fans.

So let’s jump in and have a look at what’s coming out this week.

Sonic Mania Plus  |  17/07/18

Genre: 2D Platformer
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
Developer: SEGA
Publisher: SEGA

Game description:

“Sonic Mania Plus is the definitive retail enhanced version of the original Sonic Mania’s digital release, presented in a pristine collectable physical release.  Building off its momentum and critical acclaim as one of the best platform games of 2017, the nostalgic pixel-perfect visuals and fresh gameplay will deliver a classic experience to gamers across the world!” – [source]

Mothergunship  |  17/07/18

Genre: First Person Shooter
Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
Developer: Grip Digital
Publisher: Grip Digital

Game description:

“Mothergunship is a bullet-hell FPS where you craft your own guns, fight gigantic bosses, and defeat a robotic alien armada that conquered Earth. Face off against overwhelming odds in brutal, non-stop combats where thinking on your feet is the only way to survive.” – [source]

Hand of Fate 2  |  17/07/18

Genre: Action Adventure / Table Top
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Defiant Development
Publisher: Defiant Development

Game description:

“Hand of Fate 2 is a dungeon crawler set in a world of dark fantasy. Master a living boardgame where every stage of the adventure is drawn from a deck of legendary encounters chosen by you! Choose wisely – your opponent, the enigmatic Dealer, will pull no punches as he shapes you into the instrument of his revenge.” – [source]

Hand of Fate 2 was a big hit with our very own Elliot, check out his review below.

Nidhogg 2  |  19/07/18

Genre: Fighting Game
Platforms: Xbox One
Developer: Messhof Games
Publisher: Messhof Games

Game description:

“The rules are simple. Reach the other side and kill anyone that stands in your way. Deftly parry and rend their throats, riddle their bowels with arrows, or squish their brains between your toes. The wurm cares not for chivalry.” – [source]

Not sure if you want to take up the blade against your friends, check out Elliot’s review when Nidhogg 2 came out on PlayStation 4 and PC

Pool Panic  |  19/07/18

Genre: Puzzle
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC
Developer: Rekim
Publisher: Adult Swim

Game description:

“Take on the role of the mischievous, and dare we say, oblivious cue ball in Pool Panic’s unique world comprised of 100+ levels while enjoying the single-player campaign, or invite your friends to join you for a multiplayer panic.” – [source]

Not sure if Pool Panic is the puzzler for you? Check out Sam’s quick look at what to expect.

Our top pick of the week?

Pool Panic

Puzzle games are a great genre because quite often they give developers the opportunity to really mix up the mechanics where other genres might not be able to, and Pool Panic does just that.

Coming from Adult Swim, of Cartoon Network fame, this puzzler brings with it the fun sense of humour that they have become known for as well as a unique but immediately recognisable art direction.

What new titles are you most excited for this week? Be sure to let us know!