Indie Radar: Overcooked 2 – Serving silliness

Posted on July 15, 2018

“Hold onto your aprons… it’s time to save the world again!” Steam

Title:                                 Overcooked 2
Developer:                 Ghost Town Games
Publisher:                  Team 17
Release Date:           August 7, 2018
Platforms:                  PC, Switch

In November 2016, new developer Ghost Town Games released their first game, Overcooked. A frenetic and hysterical local co-op romp. An instant classic, it was bound to have more content coming out. So here we are, just shy of two years later, the sequel is upon us.

The standard frame of Overcooked persists into Overcooked 2. The main draw card is the couch co-op holding up to 4 players. Each player must work together, gathering ingredients, preparing them, and serving dishes in a timely manner. If you haven’t played Overcooked, I do have to insist you see some gameplay. I’d be lying if I said I could properly describe the frenetic hilarity that is that game.

But Overcooked 2 has no intent to rest on its laurels. Its sequel sprinkles a bit of spice on the old dish. New dishes have been added to the menu. This means more complex orders will be headed your way, and therefore, you must to a better job co-ordinating your team efforts. Of course, new game means new locations, offering a variety of environmental hurdles to overcome. To combat this, new mechanics, such as the ability to throw items, ensure you have all you need to face your culinary challenges. Finally, just for good measure you have a range of crazy character cooks to play as.

Overcooked was a smash hit for a reason. Overcooked 2 is taking that success and pulling it even further. It’s a great dish being served up here, and I can’t wait for the first taste. Fire up your burners, Overcooked 2 is getting served up August 7 onto PC and Switch. See the full menu at the game’s website.

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