PAX Aus 2018: Dash Blitz is a lightning fast fighter!

Posted on November 11, 2018

Dash Blitz was the lightning fast, platform fighter on show at this year’s recent PAX Aus 2018 gaming conference held here in Melbourne. Whilst it might just be a small fry when compared to the big smash game coming out later this year, it certainly managed to smash its way into our hearts.

It’s all thanks to the hard work and dedication of Melbourne based development company X-Joy games (meant to be pronounced ‘Cross’-Joy) which is the pride and joy of┬áMichael Panagiotidis. Working tirelessly, Michael has been giving everything he’s got to bring his vision of Dash Blitz to life for us to enjoy.

Elliot and I had the extreme pleasure of being able to get hands on with this indie smasher and bring you all the information you’ll need to hop on and start Dashing and Blitzing the competition.

Dash Blitz is immediately enjoyable from the moment you join the game. With its simple to understand and quick to pick-up controls, games are less about button mashing and more about tactics to take down your competitors. There’s definitely a heavy Smash Bro’s influence in Dash Blitz, but it certainly is its own beast, differentiating itself heavily.

Much like the name indicates, you have the ability to dash which you will use frequently and with great passion in this game. Not only will it come in handy during attacks but you will use it to escape enemy combat more often than you’d like as well. Each character also has a unique attack ability which can sometimes be the key difference between you winning or loosing the match.

One particular feature I truly loved about Dash Blitz was the ability to block. Never crumble under pressure again because now a platform fighter lets you successfully block any attack making you invulnerable and giving you the chance to turn the tables! For a true contender, every attack is a window of opportunity.

The game features simple controls making it easy to learn, although a cunning player will still have an advantage, especially if they’re able to learn how their character fights and can use the special attacks or dashes to their advantage. There is a roster of 10 characters currently playable, and none of them feel like copies of another. Whilst the differences from one character to the next is more limited than other platform fighters, they certainly feel distinguishable and unique.

Throw into the mix varying items and stages and you have a recipe for some varied fun. A quickly accessible party game that is sure to get everybodies heart pumping, Dash Blitz is certainly one to check out. The game is currently available on Steam’s Early Access.