Coming Out in Gaming This Week — November 18

Posted on November 18, 2019

Each week there are plenty of new games coming out, with so much going on it can hard to keep track of them all. Thankfully Checkpoint is here to sift through them all and bring you our highlights of the week.

So let’s jump in and have a look at what’s coming out this week.

Shenmue III  | 19/11/2019

Genre: Action/Adventure
Platforms: PC, PS4

“The series, considered to be the father of free-roaming, open-world RPGs, returns to the fore this year with the release of Shenmue III. Shenmue III resumes the epic storyline started by master storyteller Yu Suzuki more than 20 years ago. Shenmue III brings to life an exciting, living-and-breathing world, one filled with thrilling locales to explore, puzzles to solve, and enemies to thwart. Players take the role of Ryo Hazuki in a story-driven and revenge-fueled adventure with a cast of incredible characters. Powered by innovative and skill-adaptable Free Battle and Special Skill systems, Shenmue III is the sequel fans have been waiting for.”

Football Manager 2020  |  19/11/2019

Genre: Sports Management / Simulation
Platforms: PC, Switch, Mobile

“Run your football club, your way. Every decision counts in Football Manager 2020 with new features and polished game mechanics rewarding planning and progression like never before, empowering managers to develop and refine both your club’s and your own unique identity. Walk down the tunnel to a living, breathing football world with you at the very heart of it. Around here, your opinion matters!”

Munchkin: Quacked Quest   |  19/11/2019

Genre: Multiplayer ARPG
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

“Dive into Munchkin: Quacked Quest and re-discover the parody, puns, and humor from the hit card game Munchkin by Steve Jackson. Gather gold, throw your foes (and friends) into sacrifice pits, collect ducks, eliminate the monsters—from reanimated skeletons to the Potted Plant and even the Plutonium Dragon—and reach the highest level to win the game! After all, there’s only one spot at the top and you just found a chainsaw…”

The Touryst  |  21/11/2019

Genre: Action/Adventure
Platforms: Switch

“You are just arriving at the Monument Islands. Want to go swimming? Or rather take a dive into the deep sea? Or do you want to visit the amusement arcade, do some shopping, dance at the beach party? Fancy some surfing? Or will you talk with the strange old tourist and listen what he has to say about these ancient mysterious monuments..”

Lost Ember  |  22/11/2019

Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One (Switch arriving later)

“A breathtakingly beautiful world holds the secrets of its past for you and your companion to uncover. Experience the contrasting stories of the fall of mankind and the lush life in a world reclaimed by nature with a wolf as your main character and a determined companion at your side Explore the land, sea, and air, as you possess any creature you come across to experience life from a whole new perspective. Fly through gargantuan canyon valleys as a parrot! Tumble through the grass as a wombat! Swim through shimmering lakes as a fish! Your journey will take you from densely wooded jungles, to lush rainforest canopies, to barren desert plains and archaic temples..”

Black Future ’88 |  22/11/2019

Genre: Roguelike Shooter
Platforms: PC, Switch

“Black Future ’88 is a Synth-Punk roguelike 2D action Shooter. Vertically climb an always evolving procedural tower to reach the top and kill its insane owner…before your heart explodes. Shoot, slash, dash and upgrade yourself to survive the endless waves of deadly traps, homicidal AI, crazed junkies and colossal Wardens standing in your way in a stylish alternative version of 1988.”

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts  |  23/11/2019

Genre: First Person Shooter
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

“Experience pure sniping gameplay across the harsh terrain of Siberia in a brand new contracts-based system, encouraging strategic thinking within engaging, redeployable missions. Fulfill contracts that offer clear objectives with a fixed monetary reward and options to complete bonus challenges for payouts. With hundreds of ways to take down a wide range of targets, Contracts offers precise, strategic sniping gameplay at its absolute best.”


Shenmue III

There’s some fantastic looking indie titles releasing this week, but it’s just impossible to look past the impact that Shenmue III’s release is likely to have. This is a series that was absolutely groundbreaking back in its day, and fans of this franchise are desperate for a new title.

With its huge Kickstarter success, developer YS Net has proven that there are still gamers out there hungry for more Shenmue. Can Shenmue III live up to the cult classic reputation created by its predecessors? I suppose only time will tell. But I know there’s a lot of us eager to find out.




What new titles are you most excited for this week? Be sure to let us know!

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