PAX Online 2020 Highlight – Justice Sucks: Recharged

Posted on September 16, 2020

It’s been rough not having PAX this year. A lot of interstate friends would congregate in my hometown. It’s rough not having this connection, but people are doing what they can to bring these events into people’s homes. PAX Online taking the place of physical events does have its benefits. Events can open up virtual spaces that bring people from all around the world together. It’s that little bit easier to get Aussie indie titles in front of international eyeballs, so Melbournian studio Samurai Punk is taking the advantage. Shortly after receiving funding from Film Victoria, the studio has launched Justice Sucks: Recharged as a demo for PAX Online.

The game takes after its predecessor, Roombo: First Blood, in which you play as a robot vacuum cleaner whose desire to clean is matched only by its blood lust. For the most part, this is a sequel that is iterating and expanding on its original idea. You can stealth by hiding under stuff, lure potential victims with your horn, and set off a myriad of smart devices to do the legwork. It’s simple but effective gameplay. Enough stealth to keep you aware and on your toes, but not enough to distract from the ridiculous power fantasy of Roomba-mediated carnage.

So what does Justice Sucks: Recharged bring to the table? The game takes place inside a “Neo 90s multiverse” inside a TV. Really. Honestly, the main reason is just to give you some zany enemies, and some colourful places to get blood all over. By all accounts, the sequel is doubling down on what made the original so good. Vibrant neon colours, more crazy opportunities, a bigger map to paint red. The demo only provides a small part of what the full game may be offering, but it’s a very polished little experience nonetheless. No word yet on a release window, so keep an eye on this project. I can only imagine how fantastic the full experience will be.