The Razer Turret has changed my PC gaming life for the better

Posted on September 3, 2021

Let’s get this out of the way. I’m not your average PC gamer. In fact, for a long time, I swore that I would only be a console guy, mostly because I don’t like the idea of constantly updating my hardware to keep up with the constant stream of new video games that are available. Still, there are some experiences only available on PC, and that’s where my trusty laptop comes in. It’s not set up at a desk though. It sits nestled in a cabinet next to my TV and entertainment unit in the lounge, with a HDMI cable. I also use a controller when I can, so really, playing from my comfy couch, it feels like another console.

But for some games, controllers just… aren’t optimised that well.

This is not new information. MMORPG’s, strategy games like Civlization and even some intense shooters like Valorant just work better with a mouse and keyboard. For a whole year, I fumbled with mouse and keyboard solutions that were, quite frankly, garbage. Wireless mouse and keyboard seperately meant it had to sit on my lap, which… is unstable at best. I sometimes would use a pillow as a mousepad. Other times, I pulled the coffee table forward and used it as a desk, leaning forward for hours, causing me severe backpain. “There has to be a better way!” I exclaimed to my dogs as they judged my poor posture.

That’s when I discovered, the Razer Turret.

As you can see, the Razer Turret is a chunky, hefty keyboard and mouse combo that is fused to a matte black base. It’s designed for Xbox gamers who want to use a mouse and keyboard from their couch, but works incredibly well as a solution for my specific style of PC gaming as well. Razer even partnered with Microsoft to make it in the first place.

It features a combination of a sturdy Razer mechanical keyboard and mouse, along with a retractable mouse pad. The pad has a magnet in it so that the mouse is unlikely to slip when on a slight angle on your lap, which is incredibly handy when shuffling positions, knowing that if you let go of the mouse, it won’t just fly off onto the floor. The tech also features the trademark Razer Chroma lighting so you can set it all up to look as fancy as you want.

“Not only has it made PC gaming tolerable for me, it’s made it downright enjoyable for the first time in a long time.”

At first glance, it is a beast of a thing. It’s large, and quite heavy, but I am a 6’6″ bloke with a 140kg frame, so for me it sits nicely on my lap and feels great to use. It feels incredibly well made. It connects up via a small dongle, which can be stored beneath the mouse – but as I only use the Razer Turret on my primary gaming PC, I haven’t had to unplug it, and the connection works seamlessly every time. It also maintains a decent amount of charge; around 11 hours with lights on, or up to 40 hours with lights off… which based on my last month or so mucking around with it, I’d say is about right. It even comes with a short chord that connects the mouse to the keyboard, so you can charge them both together quite easily.

It’s also a very comfortable mouse to use, and the pad is long enough that it has plenty of room for me to use it in a comfortable position. I’ve gamed for literally 3-4 hours using the Razer Turret and felt great the whole time. I’ve read reports from others that their wrist felt a bit sore after playing a while on it, but this could vary depending on the kind of couch you have; a small concern, but something worth keeping in mind. I did test the Razer Turret briefly using the Xbox Series X (considering it was designed with Xbox in mind originally) and can confirm that it works well with that platform as well, for those wondering – but not every Xbox game supports it. I find it fantastic as a wireless mouse and keyboard alternative for PC gaming from the couch, that’s for sure.

Essentially, the Razer Turret won’t be a necessity for everybody; but for those of us who prefer to use a mouse and keyboard from our couch rather than from a desk, it’s a no-brainer. It’s been out for a year or two now, but I’ve only recently discovered it, and it has improved my PC gaming life so much so that I am actually more inspired than ever to dive into the collection of games in my Steam shame pile. Not only has it made PC gaming tolerable for me, it’s made it downright enjoyable for the first time in a long time.

The downside? It’s anywhere between $430-500AUD, depending on where you purchase it from. That’s a pretty big price tag for what is essentially a wireless mouse and keyboard, and you might prefer to save some money by finding an alternative. But for me, it’s well worth the cost considering just how vastly my PC gaming life has been impacted in a really positive way.

Thanks to Razer for providing us a Razer Turret for the purpose of this article.