10 brilliant indie games coming out in October 2021

Posted on October 3, 2021

I put a spell on you… and now you’re just as obsessed with indie games as me! October is here, and you know what that means? Not only is pumpkin spice in season but there’s also a fresh batch of indies games arriving over the next few weeks!

It’s a pretty broad bunch this month, with something for everyone, though I was a bit disappointed to not find any horror games seeing as it’s the spooky season. Alas, I guess the horrors of real life are enough these days. Too real.

Anyway, let’s check out the indie games I’m most excited about this October!

Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan

Developer: ManaVoid Entertainment

Release Date: October 5th

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch 

Genre: Adventure

“Rainbow Billy tells a universal coming-of-age story about dealing with changes in the world and accepting ourselves and the others around us! Sometimes it only takes a conversation, empathy, and a new point of view to make a world of a difference.

If you’re after a cozy whimsical adventure then this is likely the game for you! Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan is a puzzle platformer that is meant to be both a family-friendly and openly accessible adventure. I’m loving the animated style of this one. The levels look well designed and fun to boot. It’s packed full of 60 creatures, each with their own problems in the color devoid world! Do you have what it takes to bring the colour back?

JETT : The Far Shore

Developer: Superbrothers + Pine Scented

Release Date: October 6th

Platforms: PC then Switch, Xbox and PS4

Genre: Adventure 

As scout Mei, be the first to deploy to a mythic ocean planet, take the helm of a ‘jett’ and explore a vast unknown – skim low over waves, roar up pristine coastlines and carve through otherworldly woods. Adapt to an intricate, systemic open world and persevere through adversity alongside an intimate ensemble in this heartfelt story of courage, wonder and regret.

I live for space games, mostly for their exploration elements more than the space battles that often pop up in them. JETT: The Far Shore has been years in the making and it’s finally prepared to launch. It follows Mei on deployment to a pristine ocean planet. Explore the unknown open world and survive against the odds. The game looks incredible and gives me real old-school sci-fi vibes. The game also features a bold score by Scntfa, known for the intrepid audio soundtracks of Oxenfree, Afterparty, and of course Old Man’s Journey. I am SO prepared for this one so sign me up and strap me in the rocket!

Negative Nancy 

Developer: FEED

Release Date: October 14th

Platforms: PC

Genre: Adventure

Hate your job? You are Nancy, a retail clerk at Megamart. Take control of your life by saying “NO” to incompetent bosses, demanding friends, and delusional customers in the first-ever interactive sitcom.

Living in a sitcom is another of those dreamy scenarios till suddenly you hear the laugh track and realise that maybe you are the joke… oh wait, that’s real life! Negative Nancy is a game about saying no. What’s your star sign? No. Who’s your favourite member of One Direction? No. Cat’s or Dogs? No. I think you get the idea, and as the title suggests, poor Nancy has had enough so this is her chance to take charge. Checkpoint Gaming last saw this one at PAX 2019 (PAX, I miss you!) and it was actually first conceived during a game jam!

Escape Simulator

Developer: Pine Studio

Release Date: October 20th

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Genre: Puzzle 

Escape Simulator is a first-person puzzler you can play solo or in an online co-op. Explore a growing set of highly interactive escape rooms. Move furniture, pick up and examine everything, smash pots and break locks! Supports community-made rooms through the level editor.

Considering the current lockdowns, an escape game simulator doesn’t seem like a bad idea! Escape Simulator is from the folks at Pine Studio who also made Cats in Time which was a pretty cute puzzle game friends of mine stumbled upon recently. Move, smash and break your way through levels alone or with friends in this online co-op game. Featuring 20 rooms arranged into 3 themes that are designed by real escape room operators, it’s sure to have you stumped from the very beginning. After that, there’s even the ability to make your own challenging rooms!

A Little To The Left 

Developer: Max Inferno

Release Date: October 22th

Platforms: PC

Genre: Puzzle

Which way should the clock hands point? How to arrange the eggs? Come to understand the motivation behind the whimsy of an individual by arranging their home as they intended. With charming illustrations and surprising scenarios, A Little To The Left is a satisfying and mysterious world with 50+ delightful puzzles to discover. Keep your eye out for a mischievous cat who has an inclination for chaos!

I LOVE MESS. Okay, that was a lie. But there really is something satisfying about tidying a space, making everything just right. And that’s where A Little To The Left comes in – it’s a charming indie game full of all the flair we’d expect. Players are given 50+ messes to tidy, each offering quick-to-solve puzzles that will give players ample good vibes especially in times like we’re currently in. I’m very excited for this one as it features environmental storytelling which can be quite rewarding to experience. Make the right choice on this one!

They Always Run

Developer: Alawar Premium

Release Date: October 21th

Platforms: PC

Genre: Platformer

Become Aidan, a three-armed mutant who hunts the most dangerous bounties in the galaxy. Catch, slice, dice and destroy enemies in this exciting 2D platformer with a space-western setting.

Become a bounty hunter in this side-scrolling space crime platformer. They Always Run will have you on the hunt for some of the most dangerous and formidable criminal scum in the galaxy. Earn money and secrets that will lead you deep into a galaxy-wide conspiracy. I reckon this is looking like a fairly safe bet for some slice-and-shoot fun. Levels look well designed and there’s an array of abilities and weapons at the disposal of players. Best chuck on your best kevlar vest and don your favorite gun and jump into this space thriller.

Tandem: A Tale Of Shadows

Developer: Monochrome Paris

Release Date: October 21st

Platforms: PC then Switch, Xbox and PS4

Genre: Puzzle 

Thomas Kane, a famous kid, has mysteriously disappeared. Forsaken by Scotland Yard, Emma and her faithful teddy bear Fenton decide to resume the investigation. They will rummage The Kane family mansion from top to bottom as the place is now shadowy and spooky, deserted by the desperate parents. Will she uncover the truth in time?

No monthly indie game list is complete without an atmospheric puzzle game and this month it’s Tandem: A Tale of Shadows. Guide Emily and her teddy Fenton as they hunt for a missing son of magicians at the family mansion. You’ll play as both characters as you explore 3D worlds and 2D platforming areas. Packed with 45 puzzles, it’s easily approachable to new and veteran puzzle solvers. What I’m liking most about this game is the style and visual finesse that comes together like an animated movie in the cutscenes. It is coming to PC before console though. Why do PC players get all the fun indie puzzle games before console players!?

Moonglow Bay

Developer: Bunnyhug

Release Date: October 26th

Platforms: PC then Xbox

Genre: Adventure 

In Moonglow Bay, you play as a rookie angler, working together with friends, family, and neighbours to hone your fishing skills, nourish relationships, and restore a remote town’s fractured community.

Ahoy sailor! Grab your fishing rod and get your floaties – Moonglow Bay is coming. After a small delay, it’s still set for release this October. Bunnyhug is an 8 person satellite studio that is making the slice-of-life fishing game. I love this one already just for that cozy vibe the art gives you from the moment you lay eyes on it. Prepare to live out your angler daydream in this fisher fantasy. Help restore the fractured community as you reel in catches on the seas and cook those fishies in the kitchen. Moonglow Bay looks like the perfect experience for fans of other wholesome games like Stardew Valley or the recent release, Haven Park. I’m most looking forward to learning what secrets are hidden in this wonderfully crafted experience.

Solar Ash 

Developer: Heart Machine

Release Date: October 26th

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5

Genre: Adventure

Journey through a surreal, vivid and highly stylized world filled with mystery, wild high-speed traversal, endearing characters, and massive enemy encounters.

This looks wild! Solar Ash is a trip into a black hole, You play as a voidrunner named Rei trying to save her planet. It’s got all the things an emerging indie darling needs so I’m certain we’ll be seeing this one around for some time. I’m keen to get my hands on this one based on the style of the game alone. It looks like the perfect pick-up for fans of Journey.

So there you have it, indie game lovers…

These are just 10 of the new indie games we’ll be getting our hands on this month, let us know which one you’re most excited to play or if we missed any! Also, be sure to let me know if you find any indie horror games hiding away in the shadows.