PAX Aus Online 2021 Highlight – Exo One

Posted on October 16, 2021

Exo One is a straightforward yet tranquil game about physics and exploration. Exoplanetary worlds with a relaxing ambience and beautiful visuals, this gravity-based game is a fantastic way to unwind. Developed by Jay Weston, the PAX Aus Online 2021 game demo shows off what’s just over the horizon.

This galactic journey revolves around a strange signal. You’ll find yourself taking control of a shapeshifting orb that generates energy to move as it speeds up and connects with the surface of planets. Travelling through space and time, you’ll master momentum and gravity to move throughout terrains and uncover the mystery of the neverending cosmos.

Exo One is essentially Tiny Wings with a big makeover. You’ll begin by slowly learning how movement works, holding a key down to descend into dunes and letting go to fly out from the summit. Once you build speed, you can hold shift down to turn the alien orb into a frisbee shape and glide through sunrays and thick clouds.

Everything controls perfectly. The feeling of rolling down a hill and at the right moment setting off into the skies is absolutely freeing. That’s not all; you’ll also be able to double jump and carefully explore specific structures placed strangely across these environments. Within them are other anomalies that build the experience.

Experience” is the ideal way to describe Exo One. This project resonates so much zen because of meditative controls and gorgeous graphics. The sandy dunes and snowy hills we experienced in the PAX Aus Online 2021 demo are almost photorealistic. Weather systems also stand out in this short adventure, flying through clouds and seeing raindrops settle on the camera or wind gushing by, pushing the small sphere forward. It’s incredibly calming to watch and play.

Exo One has been in development by Jay Weston’s studio Exbleative for a long while. It began around 2016 and had a Kickstarter campaign in 2017. Weston now has the help of Rhys Lindsay and Dave Kazi, who support the fantastic score and further coding of the upcoming game.


Admittedly, Exo One isn’t a complete game or experience just yet. As you can see from the screenshots, there are missing textures and several bugs that need fixing. The game is relatively barebones in its demo state, but it does provide an engaging elevator pitch for what will be on offer soon.

The full release promises an array of unique worlds to explore, including traditional terrestrial planets, water worlds, and gas giants. Roll and glide into ocean floors or up into the glow of several distant stars and various weather systems.

Exo One maintains no challenges and asks players to travel at their own pace. It’s a minimalist game with a narrative about a misfortuned expedition. We’re looking forward to trying the full release when it’s ready for the masses.

For those looking for more information, check out the official website or find the game on Steam. We’ve got more previews of indie games from PAX Aus Online 2021 and Melbourne International Games Week on our website and social channels.