PAX Aus 2022 Highlight – Every Hue of You

Posted on October 22, 2022

PAX Aus may be over for another year, but there are still so many games to check out. One of those is Every Hue of You – an evocative visual novel coming from Cactus Jam Games. You play as Twyla, a jeweller who’s got the power to enchant her pieces with her clientele’s emotions. Check the trailer out below!

Twyla has quite the job to do. Not only is she a jeweller but an enchantress as well. She’s able to channel her customers’ energy into the pieces she makes. Across the course of the game, you make more complex jewels with the deeper emotions present in the city of Zenoa. But why do they need jewellery that regulates their strong emotions? Emotions in the world of Every Hue of You are strong forces. They possess Paeos, a special energy that needs to be controlled or else it could have real-world consequences.

It makes Zenoa a hard place to live for those who bare strong emotions. Twyla is one of those people. Having just lost her mother, this story sees her coming to terms with that profound loss while aiding others in the town with their problems. Because of her grief, she’s even caused a rainstorm in her neighbourhood that’s turning those around her against her.

I’ll admit that visual novels aren’t usually my jam, but this one made me question why I’d avoided them for so long. I’m quite appreciative that Every Hue of You seeks to break up the long dialogue sections with short gameplay events to play through. Being able to participate in the short minigame-like sections was a nice break from reading.

I also found the characters quite enjoyable to get to know in the game. Maribelle was a hoot. Her out-there vibe had me very glad I’d selected her when I played the game. If she’s anything to go by, I have big expectations for the other characters in the game.

While chatting with one of the developers, they shared how they envision the game being able to explore deeper psychological subjects while also being able to be played casually.

Every Hue of You has a lot of promise. Set for release in 2023 on PC to start… the team aims to bring it to Nintendo Switch soon after.

You can find the game and wishlist it on Steam!