PAX Aus 2022 Highlight – Miska

Posted on October 13, 2022

Australian wildlife can be an exotic journey full of new sights and sounds. With Miska, you get the chance to embark on such a journey. You take the role of a young woman who is revisiting a park from her past. The park’s condition has deteriorated, and it doesn’t look as lively as it used to be. But by picking up trash and cleaning up the park, the wildlife will revitalize and showcase its true splendour.

Miska is a simple adventure game with no imminent threats or supernatural forces lurking in the background. This is a story about a woman exploring a park she used to visit while interacting with nature. While cleaning up the park doesn’t normally provide that level of natural restoration in real life, it’s there to give you a sense of accomplishment and let you proceed to different areas.

The simplicity of the game allows you to appreciate the artwork and inclusion of different flora and fauna. Indigenous Australian Elders were consulted for the plants and animals that are in the game, and the wildlife you encounter are accurate representations of their real-life versions.

There is an impression that Australian wildlife is dangerous, but Miska seeks to dispel that by letting you appreciate the majesty of nature. Whether it is frogs hopping, wombats moving around, or exotic plants popping up between rocks, you get a walk through nature that helps you appreciate the unique wildlife only found in Australia.

Miska takes place in a large park, with areas such as a fern forest or rocky locations that you can explore. Players will feel like they are taking a hike, getting a chance to see different flora and fauna that reside in those park areas. It also helps you feel like you are making progress throughout the park, and that your restoration efforts are actually having an effect.

Your actions aren’t limited to just picking up trash and putting it in a bin. Photography is a big part of the game, taking pictures of various wildlife to complete objectives. It’s also fun to take pictures of animals you normally wouldn’t see and compare them with other players to see new sides to wildlife. You can also play with your dog and reminisce at certain “memory moments”. These memory moments give your character the opportunity to reflect on her past experiences, highlighting the joys that one can have in a park surrounded by nature.

As you explore, you are always greeted by a soothing soundtrack that makes you feel that you are in a park. It’s the chirping of birds, gusts of wind, and leaves flying by. There’s some soft music accompanying these natural sounds, which immerses you in the park. You are taking a walk, cleaning up the park as you go, but you’re enjoying yourself surrounded by nature. The sounds make you feel as if you were in an actual park, having travelled for a vacation.

Miska will be released in 2023 for the PC, bringing you the wonders of Australian nature to appreciate.