PAX Aus 2022 Highlight – Rooftop Renegade

Posted on October 13, 2022

Running across rooftops sounds like a dangerous activity in the best of times, but with Rooftop Renegade, it looks like a work of art. Jumping across the rooftops in neon lights has never looked as cool or as impressive before, and it is a wonderful feeling as you jump from platform to platform.

The feeling of agility and precision immerses you in the levels as you make your way from one end to another. The soundtrack sounds futuristic, boosting your heart rate as you start to speed up. Adrenaline rushes in as you make a leap, giving you feelings of success or failure depending on the result. Each level is quick and doesn’t take too much time to complete, but you are easily immersed in the game, feeling like you are a rooftop runner trying to reach the end.

There’s a story behind your rooftop running, though it just sets the stage. What is important is that you are racing across rooftops quickly, in levels that have been influenced by futuristic technology often seen in science fiction. You will go through city settings, mines, and sky structures as you trapeze through the air like an elite gymnast.

In case you’re not the most proficient platformer player, Rooftop Renegade is designed to be accessible for all skill levels. Failure is nearly impossible, and you can always pick yourself up if you misjudge a fall or are too slow to avoid a crumbling platform. Even forcing the game into failure is not enough to stop you from getting back up and finishing the level.

An accessible game doesn’t make for an easy game. You get performance rankings after every mission, and you want the best ranking possible. As you progress through the levels, opponents can show up to shoot platforms and derail your progress. When your runner speeds up and the screens pass by quickly, you must think on your feet and react reflexively to adjust to changing circumstances. Failure won’t set you back, but you will need to practice and get used to the timings if you want a flawless performance.

You can also share the experience with friends, as everyone does their best to get through an area. One player will be the runner, while others will take the role of enemies who try to disrupt the runner. Everyone takes turns to try and beat each other’s record while sabotaging each other to stay on top. The experience sounds simple, but it can become chaotic with everyone aiming at targets while the runner tries to navigate. It’s crazy, but fun at the same time.

Rooftop Renegade is still in development for PC, and you can find more information on its website. You can also subscribe to get updates as the game nears its completion.