Hearthstone’s March of the Lich King expansion arrives soon

Posted on November 7, 2022

The Death Knights have arrived in Hearthstone as the Lich King brings forth his undead champions to wreak havoc in a new expansion for the popular card game called March of the Lich King. Along with a new swath of Undead cards, this expansion allows the Death Knight class to become playable for everyone in Hearthstone, giving players 11 classes to work with. The Death Knight is a class that is powered by Runes, which give the Death Knight access to various playstyles. Its Hero Power is almost an exact inverse of the Paladin, to represent how the Death Knight is the opposite of what a Paladin stands for.

The Death Knight’s Rune system allows the class to specialise in three different styles. The Blood Rune will entice players who enjoy strong minions, manipulating life totals, and dealing damage across the board. The Frost Rune accommodates strategic play, with card draws, spell synergies, and mana manipulation. The Unholy Rune supports flooding the board with minions and summoning Corpses. It’s a great way to reflect the power of the Death Knight while giving players more versatility in the way they want to play.

To make sure new and returning players don’t get discouraged by the Death Knight’s new mechanics, the Path of Arthas prologue will ease players into the mechanics. This helps everyone adapt to the Death Knight, learning how to use Corpses, Runes, and the Hero Power along with the new cards.

If the Death Knight doesn’t interest you right now, there are additions to the other classes to give them an even standing. New cards allow for more possibilities and expansions on existing strategies, leveling the playing field and allowing them to stand against the new threats. For example, some Blood Elf cards have the Manathirst ability, giving them more power as the game drags on. Every class stands a good chance against each other, and won’t be helpless against the Death Knight’s varying playstyles or abilities.

As most undead were originally another creature in life, many Undead minion cards will have dual typing (ie. Undead/Murloc). This allows cards that affect the second typing to work on the Undead minions, allowing them to find a home in decks that cater to a specific type (ie. Beast, Murloc). This doesn’t just apply to Undead cards, and the dual typing will also be applied to cards in past sets as well. These typings will stay true to the art of the character, and will make sense when you see what dual typings they get.

The March of the Lich King expansion will arrive on December 6, and you can purchase your pre-release card packs early if you like. You are also able to purchase them a week after the expansion arrives, in case you forgot or wanted more cards after seeing them in action.