10 dazzling indie games coming out in January 2023

Posted on January 11, 2023

Hello January, my old friend. 2023 is here and while that does meantime is continuing to function as expected… it also means a new crop of indie games is coming to the harvest!

I’m VERY impressed by this selection as a whole and I’m already eyeing up the narrative games on this list. Lone Ruin is also drawing my attention because who doesn’t like a romp with a rogue-like? I’m looking at you, Zagreus…

Path of the Midnight Sun

Developer: Studio Daimon

Release Date: Jan 10th

Platforms:  PC

Genre: JRPG

“Protect a noblewoman reckoning with unholy powers as she wards off the soul of the Demon King sealed inside her. Doubt your own companions, survive against unforgiving hordes of monsters. But beware; every choice has consequences in this epic JRPG adventure of betrayal, romance & self-acceptance.”


Developer: Protopop

Release Date: Jan 11th

Platforms:  PC

Genre: Chill

“Wilderless is a walking/hiking/photography simulator set in a fantasy wilderness. Players can explore a beautiful, procedurally generated natural open world. Tons of options allow you to configure many aspects of the world, and you can choose your initial world seed to generate different worlds.”

Lone Ruin

Developer: Cuddle Monster Games

Release Date: Jan 12th

Platforms:  PC, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Action

“Venture into an old, magical ruin to seek an ancient power in this highly replayable roguelike twin-stick shooter. Optimise spells and build ultimate combos to defeat twisted monstrosities and delve deeper into the Lone Ruin.”


Developer: Digital Reef Games

Release Date: Jan 12th

Platforms:  PC

Genre: City Builder

“Aquatico is a survival city builder set within the depths of the sea. Strategically build an underwater city atop the ocean floor and face the challenges that accompany an oceanic life.”

Definitely Not Fried Chicken

Developer: Dope Games

Release Date: January 18th

Platforms:  PC

Genre: Management Simulator

“Definitely Not Fried Chicken is a business management sim with a Twist! Grow your drugs trade through legitimate fronts by managing both sides of the business. Acquire new “businesses”, meet new clientele, Develop more potent narcotics, make lots of money and leave a city in ruin!”

A Space for the Unbound

Developer: Mojiken

Release Date: January 19th

Platforms:  PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Adventure

“A slice-of-life adventure game with beautiful pixelart set in the late 90s rural Indonesia that tells a story about overcoming anxiety, depression, and the relationship between a boy and a girl with supernatural powers.”

The Multi-medium

Developer: Micah Boursier

Release Date: Jan 20th

Platforms:  PC

Genre: Adventure

“The Multi-Medium is a visually unique 2D puzzle platform adventure in which you play as an interdimensional explorer lost in the multiverse. Travel to diverse worlds, each drawn or painted by hand in a different medium and style, in search of your place in the cosmos.”

ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree

Developer: Wildboy Studios

Release Date: Jan 27th

Platforms:  PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Adventure

“ATONE is a Norse mythology-inspired, hand-drawn game that blends interactive storytelling and complex puzzles with a rhythm game combat system. Inherit the role of a young warrior named Estra as she journeys through Midgard to unveil the truth behind her father’s death.”


Developer: Yaza Games

Release Date: Jan 31st

Platforms:  PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

Genre: Strategy

“Inkulinati is an ink-based strategy straight from medieval manuscripts, where a rabbit’s bum can be deadlier than a dog’s sword. Become a master of the Living Ink, build your own bestiary, defeat medieval superstars and collect perks to unleash hidden powers.”

Season – A Letter to the Future

Developer: Scavenger Studio

Release Date: Jan 31st

Platforms:  PC, PS4, PS5

Genre: Adventure

“Leave home for the first time to collect memories before a mysterious cataclysm washes everything away. Ride, record, meet people, and unravel the strange world around you. Immerse yourself in the world of Season, a third-person atmospheric adventure bicycle road trip game.”


I am so taken by this procedural gem. A game with zero expectations for the player might sound boring to some, but this game is all about exploring on one’s own terms. Wilderless might not be everyone’s cup of open world, but if you’re after a chill game, then I reckon this will be the perfect pick!