PAX Aus 2023 Highlight – Project Regolith

Posted on October 12, 2023

Working together has never been more crucial than in Project Regolith, where two players must work alongside each other to investigate a derelict spacecraft. Unlike other co-op games, both players control robots with different capabilities. They aren’t in the same room together and the solutions to puzzles require working together in interesting ways. Without clear communication and proper teamwork, you won’t make much progress. This is a co-op game that’s meant to be played in the same room to get the best out of each other.

Project Regolith takes place on a derelict space station where the humans have disappeared. Two robots have been sent to find out what happened, but the station has several issues that prevent a simple investigation. The robots must work together and coordinate their efforts if they hope to discover the mystery behind the station.

What stands out in Project Regolith is the focus on teamwork. This isn’t a game where one experienced player can take the wheel and cover for a newbie. Both players must coordinate their efforts, such as counting flowers to find the proper keycode. If both players don’t work properly, the solution will always be out of reach. Communication is crucial and it’s recommended to play the game while both players are in the same room.

It’s a unique co-op experience that demands clear communication and proper coordination. While there are no time limits or pressing circumstances, you won’t get through without proper teamwork. During PAX, players would talk with each other to relay clues and work with each other. Any player who tried going off on their own didn’t succeed. By communicating with each other and utilising a robot’s advantages, mutual solutions allowed both robots to progress.

The co-op experience isn’t forced either; both robots are in different rooms and have different abilities. Each robot has functions that allow them to perform actions that the other can’t. This allows them to tackle the puzzles without feeling like one player is taking on too much responsibility.

If you want a co-op game that can help you build trust with a friend or loved one, Project Regolith is probably for you! The game is coming out this month and is available to wishlist now.