Take to the skies and poop proudly in Aussie-made ‘The Godfeather’

Posted on October 6, 2023

When people start disrupting the activities of local pigeons and other birds start arriving, it’s time to reclaim territory. The Godfeather puts you in the claws of a pigeon in the local pigeon mafia whose role is to reclaim lost territory. By flying around and dropping poop on targets, you clear them out and show other factions who roosts here.

This rogue-like changes the layout of the town and the objectives you must complete every round. You must learn where your targets are and how to aim, as well as places to hide and refill your rounds. It’s not as easy as flying over your target and dropping the payload; you are constantly flying around. This means timing your shot to ensure you don’t miss.

There’s a constant challenge to the game as you must avoid getting spotted by cockatoos or attacked by cats. Not only will you be thrown off your flight path, but you can also alert drones that will take you in. These drones move fast and are extremely difficult to dodge, and you must fly into trees to shake them off.

The Godfeather seems simple but it’s a difficult game. The environment changes with every run and you can’t memorise locations. You can earn more points by attacking other targets or exploring, but taking too long cuts into your overall score. There’s only one redo every stage and it’s tough as a beginner. More often than not, you will be arrested by the drone and have to restart from the beginning.

The first few rounds of the game will help you adjust to the area while completing objectives. Eventually you will face a boss fight that consolidates your control over the territory. Rather than you fighting a stationary boss, there are occasional objectives that you must complete. Whether it’s pursuing a van around town or protecting a shipment, boss fights are always unique. It makes each encounter challenging and exciting, testing your skills against new enemies around the corner.

After every stage, there’s an opportunity to purchase new upgrades with the items you found. They make future missions easier while giving you an incentive to keep playing. You can also dress up your pigeon with costumes, colours, and accessories to create your model mafia pigeon.

The Godfeather is not an easy game to master and it will demand practice. But if you are willing to put in the effort, there’s an addictive rogue-like just waiting for you to sore.

The Godfeather is available now on Steam. Check it out here.