The 100+ Aussie games of 2024 and beyond

Posted on January 11, 2024

With a lot of Aussie pride in our hearts, we’re always on the lookout for those exciting, Australian-developed video games that may well be the next big thing. 2023 bestowed upon us titles such as Stray Gods, Moving Out 2, Knuckle Sandwich & Gubbins—just to name a few! But what could be the standout Australian release of this year?

As a yearly tradition, we’ve compiled the definitive mega-list of Australian-developed games set to release in the future. So get ready to expand your Steam wishlist and Twitter follows as we take you through all the Aussie games releasing in 2024 and beyond!

A Halloween Valentine

Release date: “Coming Soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Things For HumansBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Website | Steam

“A Halloween Valentine is a puzzle-adventure pop album set in a haunted amusement park on Valentine’s Day. Solve logic puzzles while bopping along to original songs with lyrics to find the way back to the love of your life!

Acid Knife

Release date: “Coming Soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: PowerhoofBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“Battle Death Centipedes in the melting psychedelic void. Slower, more intentional side-scrolling combat, with an emphasis on positioning and improvisation.”


Release date: “1 Mar, 2024”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Imagineering StudiosBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“AfterTheCloud is a Post-Apocalyptic RPG set in 2050. After a pandemic decimated the world, destroying businesses and governments, conflict, hatred and fear increased year after year.”

Age of Darkness: Final Stand

Release date: Available in Early Access, full release TBAPlatforms: PCDeveloper: PlaySideBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter

“Age of Darkness: Final Stand is a dark fantasy survival RTS where you must illuminate, build and defend humanity’s last bastion against hordes of Nightmares. Set in the remnants of a kingdom consumed by a deadly fog, you decide. Will you hide in the light? Or take back your world.”


Release date: “Coming Soon”Platforms: PC, SwitchDeveloper: Vivink StudiosBased in: AustraliaLinks: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“A hand-drawn, 2D platformer following the breathtaking story of an endangered red panda, named Ailuri. Climb, explore and survive the intricate levels while trying to defeat enemies to restore balance of life in the world.”

Amberial Dreams

Release date: Available in Early Access, full release “late 2023”Platforms: PCDeveloper: LumoramaBased in: Sydney (Warrang)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“The hit series returns! Roll and bounce in this jumpless precision platformer for all skill levels. Play through an eerie campaign, best the wicked difficulty, or create your own levels to share with the world!”


Release date: 2024Platforms: PCDeveloper: Franek, Max Cahill, Bibiki, Antonio UribeBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter

“Three tales forged in bloodshed, laced with magic, and united by revenge.”

Ascending Inferno

Release date: “Coming soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Oppolyon StudiosBased in: AustraliaLinks: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“Ascending Inferno: The rage game from hell. “Surely it can’t be that hard, right?” WRONG”

Bears In Space

Release date: “2024”
Platforms: PC
Developer: Broadside Games
Based in: Brisbane (Meanjin)
Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“Dive headfirst into danger with nothing but your wits, tools and an abundance of weapons as you bring the bullet hell carnage to the oil thirsty Robot Scourge!”

Beyond the Veil

Release date: “Coming Soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Sun’s Shadow StudiosBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Twitter

“Beyond the Veil is a text-based horror game, with a focus on character-driven storytelling. Drawing on the rich history of New Orleans, the choices you make will not only alter the story, but also the personality of the protagonist.”

Big Walk

Release date: “2025”
Platforms: PC
Developer: House House
Based in: Melbourne (Naarm)
Links: Steam | Website Twitter | Trailer

“Hang out and get lost with close friends in a big world. A cooperative online walker-talker from the creators of Untitled Goose Game.”

Bits & Bops

Release date: “TBA”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Tempo Lab GamesBased in: Sydney (Warrang)Links: WebsiteSteam | Twitter | Trailer

“Bits & Bops is a collection of original rhythm mini-games. Featuring over 20 mini-games filled with catchy music, snappy gameplay and gorgeous, hand-drawn animation, Bits & Bops is sure to brighten your day.”

Blob Person

Release date: “Coming Soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Inverted GamesBased in: South Australia (Tarndanya)Links: Steam | Twitter

“An adventurous Blob Person is transported to a simulacrum of his own world. An enigmatic entity follows their every move. How did Blob Person get here? and why? Solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to uncover the truth of this strange place and escape.”

Box Knight

Release date: “Coming Soon”
Platforms: PC
Developer: We Made A Thing Studios
Based in: Adelaide (Tarndanya)
Links: Steam | Website Twitter | Trailer

“A funny, silly and irreverent action RPG roguelike. A mix of ‘the Office’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ with a comic like aesthetic.”

Brimstone Brawlers

Release date: Available in Early Access, full release TBA
Platforms: PC
Developer: Ategig
Based in: Brisbane (Meanjin)
Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“Grab your friends and head into the chaotic city of Brimstone! This PvP arena brawler will have you mastering an ever-growing roster of peculiar characters with unique MOBA-style abilities. Battle it out in dynamic arenas full of hazards, in both local and online multiplayer.”

Broken Roads

Release date: 2024Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, SwitchDeveloper: Drop Bear BytesBased in: Torquay (Wadawurrung Country)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter

“Broken Roads is a narrative-driven RPG that brings exploration, strategic turn-based combat and meaningful philosophical choices to an all-new Australian post-apocalyptic setting.”

Call of the Golden Valley

Release date: “2024”
Platforms: PC
Developer: O’Saurus Studios
Based in: Melbourne (Naarm)
Links: Website | Steam | Twitter | Trailer

“Call of the Golden Valley is an Australian, female-protagonist, narrative detective game. Explore Australia, uncover clues, make deductions, and untangle fact from fiction to find your missing friend.“


Release date: “2024”
Platforms: PC
Developer: Spitfire Interactive
Based in: Brisbane (Meanjin)
Links: Website | Steam | Trailer

“Superheroes clash in this turn based strategy game. Recruit, train, and deploy your team in order to take back the city from the villains that hold it hostage.“


Release date: “Coming Soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Jordan Mochi, Catchweight StudioBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter

“During the First World War, a lone French soldier must navigate twisted trenches, scavenge for limited supplies and solve complex puzzles – all whilst fighting for survival in the midst of mankind’s most brutal and horrifying conflict. CONSCRIPT is a new take on classic survival horror.”


Release date: “Coming soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Spoonful Of WonderBased in: Sydney (Warrang)Links: Steam |  Twitter | Trailer

“A wholesome, narrative-driven game about rejection, belonging and the true meaning of home. It follows the story of a newly adopted shelter cat who becomes the victim of an elaborate plan when a jealous, stray copycat steals her place in the household.”

Crash Course Builder

Release date: “Coming soon”Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, SwitchDeveloper: Wombat BrawlerBased in: AustraliaLinks: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“Can you make it to the finish line? Crash your kart through impossible obstacle courses that will leave you wanting just… one… more… go! 2ez? Pfft! Build your own course to share with other crash test dummies!”

Cyber Paradise

Release date: “2024”Platforms: PCDeveloper: DDmeow GamesBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter

“ACTIONS. DOGS. CAFE. Battle in a neon-drenched roguelite dystopia, where foes rapidly escalate in frenzy as you gain skills. Salvage memories to revive Mini the dog. Unwind in Mini’s Cafe, where tales unfurl and bonds form. A poignant blend of adrenaline and tranquility awaits.”


Release date: “TBA”Platforms: PCDeveloper: We Have Always Lived In The ForestBased in: AustraliaLinks: SteamWebsite | Twitter | Trailer

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Dead Static Drive

Release date: “Coming Soon”Platforms: PC, Xbox OneDeveloper: ReubenBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“Grand Theft Cthulhu. Dead Static Drive is a horror survival adventure. You’re on the road. The world begins to fall apart in front of you. Your friendships will make every bit of difference as order collapses and the people you meet fight for their own survival.”

Detective Ridelle

Release date: “5 Feb, 2024”Platforms: PCDeveloper: PuzzLabBased in: Sydney (Warrang)Links: Steam | Twitter

“Detective Ridelle is a cozy murder mystery game featuring escape room style puzzles. Find clues, interrogate suspects, solve the mystery – before it’s too late.

Diets & Deities

Release date: “To be announced”Platforms: PC, iOS, AndroidDeveloper: Larrikin Interactive Based in: Darwin (Garramilla)Links: SteamWebsite | Twitter | Trailer

Food and music are the essence of life… At least that’s how things used to be. Now the world is a gentrified husk, sucked of its diversity and left to wallow in its smashed avo and vanilla soy latte.


Release date: Available in Early Access, full release TBAPlatforms: PCDeveloper: James BendonBased in: Brisbane (Meanjin)Links: Website | Steam | Twitter | Trailer

“G’Day! Get ready to start a new fair Dinkum life and build your new home out in the bush. Explore tropical eucalyptus forests, scorching deserts and cool billabongs on an Island inspired by the wild Australian outback. Take care of giant wombats, play with friends and get ready for a ripper time!”

Doggy Don’t Care

Release date: “Coming soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Rohan NowellBased in: Sydney (Warrang)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter

“Unleash adorable chaos as a mischievous pup! Explore, collect, and smash your way around the house & beyond in this cheeky adventure. Fetch the approval of your feathered friend, Rocko the Parrot, by digging into a list of fun-filled tasks. It’s sure to be a pawsitively unforgettable day!”


Release date: “To be announced”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Fine Feathered FiendsBased in: AustraliaLinks: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“A job gone wrong traps lawyer R. M. Renfield at Castle Dracula. Sacrifice—others, or your own humanity—to survive, or risk it all for love in this horror-romance visual novel. But Renfield isn’t the only one looking for a way out. Who, if anyone, can you trust?”

Dream of the Star Haven

Release date: Early Access “25 Jan, 2024”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Orchid of RedemptionBased in: Adelaide (Tarndanya)Links: Steam | Twitter | Trailer

“A serene dreamlike journey through islands in the sky

Dryft City Kyngs

Release date: “2024”Platforms: PCDeveloper: magicdweedooBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Website | Steam | Twitter

“Work, race, explore, chill, repeat. Become the ultimate Dryft Racer in a colourful 2D punk-cartoon world based on a very near-future Melbourne!”

Falling Frontier

Release date: “2023”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Stutter Fox StudiosBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Website | Steam | TwitterTrailer

“Conquer a vast procedurally generated star system in Falling Frontier, a sci-fi RTS where intel and logistics are decisive factors. Design ships and raid enemy supply lines, lay minefields and construct recon stations, and ambush enemy forces within asteroid fields and nebulae.

Feed the Deep

Release date: “To be announced”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Luke MuscatBased in: Brisbane (Meanjin)Links: Steam | Twitter

“An underwater rogue-lite. Dive into procedurally generated caves, collect gold, buy equipment, and Feed the Deep.

FrankenStorm TD

Release date: “To be announced”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Doodad GamesBased in: Sydney (Warrang)Links: Website | Steam | Twitter

“Frankenstorm is a high-energy roguelite tower defense. You are a humble scientist, besieged by endless hordes of angry peasants. Salvage parts to build towers, set traps, acquire upgrades and construct an elaborate maze. Be vigilant or these wily foes will use your own tricks against you!

Fox and Shadow

Release date: 2024Platforms: TBADeveloper: Paper Cactus GamesBased in: Adelaide (Tarndanya)Links: Twitter | Website

“Fox and Shadow is a deckbuilding RPG in which you’ll manage two movesets to take down threats: one filled with directives that govern the operations of your drone, and the other that represents the more intuitive behaviours of your pilot.

Future Folklore

Release date: TBAPlatforms: MobileDeveloper: GuckBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: WebsiteTwitter

“Restore a magical bushland to defeat the corrupting force of The Murk!

Footy Bash

Release date: 2024Platforms: PCDeveloper: Danger ThumbsBased in: AustraliaLinks: SteamTwitter

“Step into the world of Footy Bash, Experience the rush of fast-paced football with 1-4 players. Unleash spectacular speckys to leave your opponents in awe and land devastating hits to thrill your fans. With dynamic gameplay and a classic look, Footy Bash is an electrifying footy spectacle.


Release date: “2024”Platforms: PCDeveloper: ARCH REBELSBased in: Perth (Boorloo)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“GHOST CAM is a spooky exploratory VR and PC game where you search for ghosts – at your own risk… Discover how good you are at finding ghosts, figuring out clues and uncovering the story – if you can survive the multiple endings.”

Go-Go Town!

Release date: “To be announced”Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, SwitchDeveloper: Prideful SlothBased in: Brisbane (Meanjin)Links: Website | Steam | Twitter | Trailer

“Plan, Build…Prosper? As mayor, it’s up to you to breathe life back into this rundown town. Construct shops, hire staff, automate deliveries with couriers, and attract tourists to town, all while managing infrastructure and avoiding catastrophes! Who said being mayor was going to be easy…


Release date: “2024”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Chironex StudiosBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Website | Steam | Twitter

“A sci-fi digital boardgame. Recruit crewmembers to build a deck of Order Cards, then use those cards in combat and tests of skill in order to grow your abilities, overcome challenges, and defeat powerful entities hiding the terrible secrets of the cyber-plague.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

Release date: “TBA”Platforms: PC, SwitchDeveloper: Team CherryBased in: Adelaide (Tarndanya)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“Discover a vast, haunted kingdom in Hollow Knight: Silksong! The sequel to the award winning action-adventure. Explore, fight and survive as you ascend to the peak of a land ruled by silk and song.”


Release date: TBAPlatforms: TBADeveloper: Funny Fintan SoftworksBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Website | Twitter | Trailer

“A first-person arena-style shooter running on the Unreal 5 game engine which incorporates advanced movement mechanics in a sci-fi fantasy setting”

Janet DeMornay Is A Slumlord (and a witch)

Release date: “2024”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Fuzzy GhostBased in: Sydney (Warrang)Links: Website | SteamTwitter

“Janet DeMornay is just a normal home-owner-landlord. She has a right to know what the tenants get up to in HER house. It just makes sense that she’s watching them. Haunting them, even.

Jumplight Odyssey

Release date: Available in Early Access, full release TBAPlatforms: PCDeveloper: League of GeeksBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Website | Steam | Twitter | Trailer

“Keep hope alive on your adventure to the mythical Forever Star! Gather survivors, repair and build out your starship, brave black holes, and fend off attacks, all while managing the daily soap opera of your colorful crew.

Kādomon: Hyper Auto Battlers

Release date: “2024”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Dino RocketBased in: Adelaide (Tarndanya)Links: Steam | Twitter | Trailer

“Collect and battle over 180 unique creatures in this roguelike auto-battler. Level-up and evolve your Kādomon as you assemble the ultimate team, creating awesome synergies to beat BIG bosses!

Kendan and the Gem of Eru

Release date: “TBA”Platforms: Gameboy Classic, PCDeveloper: Stompy Paws StudiosBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Website | | Instagram

“Dust off your handheld consoles and prepare for an epic adventure. Kendan and the Gem of Eru is a physical release, retro fantasy RPG. Craft, puzzle and battle your way to victory over an ancient evil plaguing the land of Úna. With the help of GB Studio, our incredible 8bit composer Marllon Silva (xDeviruchi) and talented pixel artist Daniel Turner (sonDanielson) we’ve been able to grow the Kendan universe from a 10 year old concept in a sketch pad to a physical release cartridge game.

Kinder World

Release date: Available in Early Access, full release TBAPlatforms: iOS, AndroidDeveloper: Lumi InteractiveBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Website | Trailer

“A mobile game about houseplants, healing, and practicing kindness.”

Legacies: Conservation and Sabotage

Release date: “Coming Soon”Platforms: PC, SwitchDeveloper: Salty Dog StudiosBased in: Perth (Boorloo)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“4-player cooperative stealth / investigation roguelite game where players each pilot submarines and together search for trouble in international waters. But beware as dangers lurk above and deep below. Stealth is encouraged!”

Len’s Island

Release date: Available in Early Access, full release “between late 2023 and early 2024”
Platforms: PCDeveloper: Flow StudioBased in: Brisbane (Meanjin)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter

“Build, fight, farm and explore. Experience your own path. Whether it’s building the home of your dreams, tending to your crops and watching the sun go down; or explore the mysteries of the Island and the darkness underneath, but you may want to take a sword with you.”

Letters To Arralla

Release date: “TBA”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Little Pink CloudsBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Website | SteamTwitter | Trailer

“You are a newly recruited mail-turnip delivering letters, parcels and packages to Arralla’s residents. As you soak up the sunny views and meet the interesting townsfolk, you begin to inadvertently help and heal them through the process of kindness, friendship, and express delivery!

Lighthaze World

Release date: “Coming soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: RadiobushBased in: AustraliaLinks: SteamTwitter | Trailer

“This is a Cosy Puzzle game for people that love adventure. The Puzzles are linked together in a way that the player (you) can pick and choose the order you complete puzzles, there is also collecting and exploring to do. Lighthaze World is the story of an anxious hero finding a path to save his dog.


Release date: Available in Early Access, full release TBA
Platforms: PC
Developer: A Few Dragons Studio
Based in: Adelaide (Tarndanya)
Links: Website | Steam | Twitter | Trailer

“Discover what it is to be a Lightsmith, build up your Lightory, and help the townsfolk of Gloomsdale to turn a fragile settlement into a thriving beacon of hope in a world shrouded in darkness. Because in this dark and gloomy world we must forge our own light…”

LoveSick Darlings

Release date: “2024”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Dimitri OdysseusBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Twitter

“Make impossible decisions, romance girls, break each others hearts, and form unique bonds through your choices in this immersive game and story! Who will YOU go with to the end-of-year dance?”


Release date: “Coming Soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Kristian KebbeBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Twitter | Trailer

“Explore unknown lands and fight mythical beasts on a quest to ask the old gods to restore light to your village. Harness light with your sword and bow to cut down your foes, and discover ancient secrets.”


Release date: “Coming soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Weforge StudioBased in: Sydney (Warrang)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“A Stealth Extraction Horror where you and your friends traverse infinite timelines, including those of other players, within an unstable time rift. Upgrade your gear and face interdimensional terrors to survive a fate worse than death. Will you escape the Rift or become its next eternal prisoner?”

Mars First Logistics

Release date: Available in Early Access, full release TBAPlatforms: PCDeveloper: Ian MacLartyBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter

“An open-world physics simulation game. Build mechanised rovers and transport awkwardly shaped cargo across the surface of Mars. Earn funds, unlock new parts, and use your ingenuity to establish a new space colony! Playable solo or in online co-op!”

Matchmaker Dungeon Heart

Release date: 2024Platforms: PCDeveloper: Ghost MothBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Twitter | Website | Trailer

“As a skeleton, manage the Lich’s dungeon and fight off the Forces of Light. Date the Monsters, and fight with Match 3 combat.”

Metal Heads

Release date: Available in Early Access, full release TBAPlatforms: PCDeveloper: Otreum GamesBased in: AustraliaLinks: Steam | Twitter | Trailer

“Metal Heads is solo developed, crazy local or online multiplayer party game with head-banging metal music, where up to 8 players compete in mini-games and board game modes with a whole bunch of insane mini-games that are easy to play, but difficult to master.”

Misc. A Tiny Tale

Release date: “Coming Soon”Platforms: PC, SwitchDeveloper: Tinyware GamesBased in: Perth (Boorloo)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“Join Buddy and Bag Boy, two adorable robots made of miscellaneous items, on a heartfelt 3D platforming adventure. Explore a familiar world from a new perspective, lend a hand to robots around you, make a difference by cleaning up mess, and unfold the story of an exciting journey.”


Release date: “Coming soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Umbrella Party StudiosBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter

“MISKA is a narrative-driven adventure game with a strong focus on Australian flora and fauna. Rekindle your connection to family and nature through acts of restoration.”

MMORPG Tycoon 2

Release date: Available in Early Access, full release TBAPlatforms: PCDeveloper: VectorStorm Pty LtdBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“MMORPG Tycoon 2 is a single-player world-builder game about creating the greatest MMORPG of all time – yours.”

Moon Corp. Tower Defense

Release date: “2024”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Kite Shield InteractiveBased in: Canberra (Ngambri/Ngunnawal)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“Be the ultimate CEO and military strategist in this genre fusion of strategy and business management. Create your own company, hire employees, research weapon technology, and take control of units on the battlefield to defend the moon against an alien invasion. Aliens down, profits up!”

Moonlight In Garland

Release date: Available in Early Access, full release TBAPlatforms: PCDeveloper: Winters Group EstateBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter

“A cozy open-ended life sim about finding your feet in the big city. Decorate your apartment, make new friends, grow too many houseplants and love your city life!”


Release date: TBAPlatforms: TBADeveloper: Lemonade GamesBased in: Sydney (Warrang)Links: Website | Twitter

“Mystiques is a whimsical haunted antiquing adventure game being made in Sydney, Australia by Lemonade Games.”

My Mad Scientist Roommate Turned Me Into Her Personal Robotic Battle Maiden?!?

Release date: Currently in Early Access, full release TBAPlatforms: PCDeveloper: Lached Up GamesBased in: Sydney (Warrang)Links: Steam | Twitter | Trailer

“After being inadvertantly transformed into a robotic battle maiden by their criminally insane roommate, Sam is dragged along on a ridiculous adventure in a dimension full of ravenous monster girls. Will Sam find a way out of this mess and return to their original body? Probably not, but who knows!”

Omi Oh My AI

Release date: Currently in Early Access, full release TBAPlatforms: PCDeveloper: EverySecond StudioBased in: Perth (Boorloo)Links: Website | Steam | Twitter | Trailer

“Go on a captchavating adventure and solve over 100 unique puzzles generated by our quirky AI, Omi! Learn to see the world the way AI does with image, word, and number puzzles in this game inspired by AI, the 90’s, and the constant need to prove you’re not a robot.

Pasture: The Livestock Simulator

Release date: “To be announced”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Salty GamesBased in: Perth (Boorloo)Links: Website | Steam | Twitter

“The weight of your herd rests on your shoulders as you build a cattle empire, set in the Australian Outback


Release date: TBAPlatforms: PCDeveloper: Onion Cocktail GamesBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Twitter

“Use your wit, sarcasm and a general lack of regard for others in this Point-n-Click adventure. Full of bad humour, bizarre decor and a world of inconveniences, with clues hidden in plain sight, problems with unusual solutions and an alt-culture flair.

Phantom Abyss

Release date: Currently available in Early Access, 1.0 arriving Jan 25, 2024Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|SDeveloper: Team WIBYBased in: Brisbane (Meanjin)Links: Website | SteamTwitter | Trailer

“Phantom Abyss is a massive asynchronous multiplayer game that casts players into procedurally-generated temples and tasks them with retrieving the sacred relics hidden within deadly chambers.

Primordials Legends: Hollow Hero

Release date: “Coming soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Toybox Games StudiosBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Website | SteamTwitter

“Primordials Legends: Hollow Hero tells the tale of Brunt, an anthropomorphic wombat on her first adventure in the fantasy world, Eridal. Embark on this epic 3rd person action-filled adventure, uncover how this world came to be, and meet new legends that will help shape the future of Eridal!


Release date: “TBA”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Two Lives LeftBased in: Adelaide (Tarndanya)Links: Steam | Twitter | Trailer

“Punchimals is a physics-based 2.5D fighting game set in a world where cute, chubby animals settle their differences by duking it out in giant mechs. Due to a lack of exercise (certainly not caused by overuse of mechs in everyday life), obesity and mech combat has ravaged the globe!”

Red Impact – Epic Planetary Defence

Release date: “Coming soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Lune Interactive Pty LtdBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Website | Steam | Twitter | Trailer

“Defend entire planets against hostile invaders in this full 3D tower defense game. Manage resources and space while constructing weapons, defenses, and structures to withstand the destructive onslaught across multiple planets.

Rugby 2024

Release date: “January 30th, 2024”Platforms: PC, PS4, Ps5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|SDeveloper: Big Ant StudiosBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Twitter

“Get into the #RugbyWorldCup2023 with RUGBY 24! 130 playable national teams to choose from, as well as URC, Top 14 and PROD2 clubs.”

Ricochet Rodeo

Release date: “July 2024”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Echidna StudiosBased in: AustraliaLinks: Steam

“Saddle up for Ricochet Rodeo, a 2D-platform, pvp brawl to see who’s the fastest shooter in the pixel-rendered west. Assemble a posse of up to 8 cowboys to dance in chaotic deathmatches where bullets bounce and 1 hit kills.


Release date: “Coming soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: MAXART GamesBased in: Brisbane (Meanjin)Links: SteamWebsite | Twitter | Trailer

“Servonauts is an absurd couch co-op party game for up to 4 players. Use wobbly pipes to pump fuel to your customers. Put on your space suits and work together to keep your galactic oil baron CEO happy. Overcome traps, pipes and each other across a series of whacky levels and environments.”

Samurai Unicorn

Release date: TBAPlatforms: PCDeveloper: Its Got StealthBased in: Sydney (Warrang)Links: SteamWebsite | Twitter | Trailer

“An action horror game with retro-graphics, set in the sprawling megacity of Sydney3.”

Solium Infernum

Release date: “14 Feb, 2024”Platforms: PCDeveloper: League of GeeksBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Website | Steam | Twitter

“Take the Infernal Throne in this hellish turn-based grand strategy game. The Prince of Darkness has vanished, leaving Archfiends to conspire: muster your legions while intoning dark sorceries, devilish schemes, and machiavellian plots. Who will be the new ruler of Hell and ascend the Throne?

Spelly Cat

Release date: “April 2024”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Brkn Fixie GamesBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Website | Steam | Twitter | Trailer

“Spelly Cat is a mash up of word games, jigsaws, mazes and block puzzles. Solve themed procedurally generated levels and fill your spell book on a quest to find your owner and get fed!

Spies & Soldiers

Release date: “Coming Soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Ghostbat GamesBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“A game of strategy and subterfuge that plays out across watercolor maps of a procedurally generated kingdom. Go head-to-head in turn-based conflicts as your empire expands across each new world, but while your soldiers’ swords may conquer the land, your hidden spies could win you the game.”


Release date: Coming SoonPlatforms: PCDeveloper: David ChenBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: SteamWebsiteTwitter | Trailer

“A spirited adventure game about a lost child who falls down a well into a world of spirits.

Super Auto Battlemon

Release date: “Coming soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Dino RocketBased in: Sydney (Warrang)Links: Steam | Twitter

“Super Auto Battlemon is a Monster Taming Auto Battler with Roguelike elements. Fight, collect, upgrade and evolve Battlemon to build your ultimate team. Discover different synergies to unleash wicked combos on powerful bosses. Over 100+ Battlemon to catch and build your dream team with.

Surf Club

Release date: “TBA”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Olivia HainesBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: SteamWebsite | Twitter | Trailer

“Surf Club is an adventure game about a young woman named Holly, who returns to her home town in the hope of rekindling an old relationship.”

Tavern Keeper 🍻

Release date: “Q3 2024”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Greenheart Games 💚Based in: Brisbane (Meanjin)Links: SteamWebsite | Twitter | Trailer

“Build and manage your own tavern in this charming fantasy business sim. Dive into every detail or relax and decorate to your heart’s desire. Upgrade your tavern and navigate light-hearted tales of unlikely heroes as you play the most important role of all: the Tavern Keeper!”

Tech Hunter

Release date: TBAPlatforms: PCDeveloper: Split SymmetryBased in: Adelaide (Tarndanya)Links: Website | Twitter | Trailer

“Find alien technology and upgrade your fleet of drones to escape an uncharted planet in Tech Hunter!”

TFC: The Fertile Crescent

Release date: Available in Early Access, full release TBAPlatforms: PCDeveloper: Wield InteractiveBased in: Brisbane (Meanjin)Links: | SteamTwitter

“Classic base-building RTS with modern twists. Expand, gather food and fight for survival in the Near East Bronze Age era. Hunger is as much a danger as enemies, but a full granary is the best ally during conquest.

The Drifter

Release date: “TBA”Platforms: PC (Switch and other platforms TBC)Developer: PowerhoofBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“A Pulp Adventure Thriller – A drifter, murdered, finds himself alive again seconds before his death. Struggling to maintain his sanity, can he unravel the conspiracy surrounding his condition and those hunting him?”

The Dungeon Experience

Release date: “To be announced”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Jacob Janerka & Simon BoxerBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“Visit The Dungeon Experience! A thrilling world of high fantasy run by me, a level 1 mud-crab turned entrepreneur. Put your real world responsibilities on hold with a first-person guided adventure to achieve financial freedom and uncover the secrets of the mindhole.”

The Last Exterminator

Release date: “TBA”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Ironworks GamesBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Website | Steam | Twitter

“You’re an exterminator. You kill things for a living. When a hostile invasion of alien cockroaches rocks your city, you’ve got a job to do. A high-octane retro-FPS inspired by some of the best games of the 90s.

The Lifetime

Release date: “Coming soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Orchid of RedemptionBased in: Adelaide (Tarndanya)Links: Steam | Twitter

“After falling through a void for an entire lifetime, you land in a mysterious underground world, with a mask you can’t remove. All you’re told is that you need to collect time so you can return to your former life back up on the surface. But time moves in mysterious ways down here…

The Plucky Squire

Release date: “2024”Platforms: PCDeveloper: All Possible FuturesBased in: Brisbane (Meanjin)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“Storybook characters discover a three-dimensional world outside the pages of their book and must jump between 2D & 3D realms to save their friends in this charming action-adventure.”

The Sacred Acorn

Release date: “Coming Soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: A Few DragonsBased in: AustraliaLinks: Steam | Website | Twitter

“Tansira is in peril, and the only one that can save it is you. Play as Ima, an adorably courageous squirrel, and explore a beautiful, mysterious land. Solve puzzles, discover secrets, defeat corrupted enemies, and make strange, cute friends that will guide you on your quest.”

The Wakers

Release date: “Coming soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Orchid of RedemptionBased in: AustraliaLinks: Steam |  Twitter

“Great energies are stirring, now it’s time to wake. Revive giant spirits in this playfully mystical puzzle odyssey.”

This Starry Void

Release date: “Coming Soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Chironex StudiosBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“A first-person sci-fi dungeon crawler featuring combat, exploration, and existentialism.”

Tinker & Spell

Release date: “Coming Soon”Platforms: PC, SwitchDeveloper: Golden Age StudiosBased in: Adelaide (Tarndanya)Links: Steam

“Capture elemental spirits to add to your arsenal and uncover the mysteries of a fantasy land in this hand-drawn Creature-Collecting Metroidvania.”

TopplePOP: Bungee Blockbusters

Release date: “2023”Platforms: PCDeveloper: ArkimaBased in: Sydney (Warrang)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter | Trailer

“Welcome to the jumble! TopplePOP is a physics puzzle party with bendy animal acrobats on bungee cords for 1-4 players in solo, co-op & PvP. Master precision eSport skills to dominate team battles & racing leaderboards! -Or don’t! With all-ages assist-modes, bouncy couch co-op & chill zen puzzles.”


Release date: TBAPlatforms: PC, Xbox OneDeveloper: Grinning PickleBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Twitter | Website

“Explore broken and beautiful story places.”


Release date: “TBA”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Bin Chicken StudiosBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Website | Twitter

“Trash is a co-op open-world survival craft game where you customize your character with crafted forms and abilities. Jump, Glide, Shield or Smash your way around a wild open world, completing puzzling challenge zones and surviving weird and wonderful creatures.”

Vincent the Vampire

Release date: TBAPlatforms: PCDeveloper: Intuit by DesignBased in: Adelaide (Tarndanya)Links: Twitter | Trailer

“Vincent is a photocopier technician who gets dragged into a war between vampires, cyborgs, werewolves and lawyers. Point, Click and Talk your way to saving the world using Vincent’s amazing hoarding powers.

Way to the Woods

Release date: “Coming Soon”Platforms: PC, XboxDeveloper: onepixel.dogBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: SteamWebsite | Twitter | Trailer

“A Deer and Fawn must embark on a journey through an abandoned world of the unknown to get home. A third person adventure game solo developed by ant tan. Featuring soundtrack from aivi & surasshu, composers for the show Steven Universe.”

Whacky Golf

Release date: Early Access “Coming Soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Cameron DarraghBased in: Brisbane (Meanjin)Links: Steam | Twitter

“Battle your friends in a chaotic game of mini-golf with up to 4 players. Whack and steal to get the lowest score you can. Just watch your back!”

Wild Bastards

Release date: “2024”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Blue ManchuBased in: Canberra (Ngambri/Ngunnawal)Links: Website | Steam | Twitter | Trailer

“The spiritual successor to the epic strategy-shooter Void Bastards, Wild Bastards is a hybrid FPS/strategy game with heart-pounding tactical combat, detailed management systems, and a roguelike campaign. Saddle up and lead the most notorious outlaws in the galaxy.”

Winnie’s Hole

Release date: “To be announced”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Twice DifferentBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: Steam | Twitter | Trailer

“Join Winnie the Pooh on a new adventure, from within! You play a virus in Winnie’s body, capture cells to grow mutations and specialise your host. Refine his primitive form, adapt for survival, and do not let his friends contain you. They do not understand our gift… We must share it with them.”


Release date: Available in Early Access, full release TBAPlatforms: PCDeveloper: TwoPM StudiosBased in: Brisbane (Meanjin)Links: WebsiteSteam | Twitter

“A deckbuilding roguelike, where Chess meets Trading Card Games. Fight in strategic permadeath battles, acquire and upgrade new units, and carve a path to the boss. Challenge the Fae in their annual WizardChess tournament and (if you survive) the Fae Queen herself might just grant your wish.”

Wood & Weather

Release date: “Coming Soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: Paper HouseBased in: Melbourne (Naarm)Links: WebsiteSteam | Twitter | Trailer

“Wood & Weather is a single player god-game set in a wooden toy city. Make friends and control the weather as an ethereal blue hand in a surprising little open world. 🌤 🌦 ⛈ ❄️ ☂️ 🍃”

Your Holy & Virtuous Heretic

Release date: “Coming soon”Platforms: PCDeveloper: i will bite raw coffee beansBased in: Sydney (Warrang)Links: SteamWebsite | Twitter

“A first-person, turn-based journey into the occult. Who will stand with Aleister at the end of days?”