Check out these 10 tantalising indie games releasing March 2024

Posted on March 3, 2024

2024 is already off to a fantastic start with exciting video game releases, but nothing can match the novelty and inventiveness of the indie crowd. That’s why we’re looking ahead to 10 tantalising indie games releasing March 2024!

If you’d like to check out last month’s indie list, look no further!



Developer: pixelsplit

Release Date: March 6

Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox Series X|S

“REVEIL is a narrative first-person psycho-thriller game that focuses on story, puzzles and exploration. Find out what’s going on inside Walter Thompson and what his dark past at the Nelson Bros Circus has to do with it.”

Stolen Realm

Developer: Burst2Flame Entertainment

Release Date: March 8

Platforms: PC, Xbox, Switch

“Stolen Realm is a simultaneous turn-based tactical dungeon crawling looter with action RPG elements where you control up to 6 heroes, solo or through online co-op, venturing forth in adventures set in a high-fantasy, low-poly world.”

Death of a Wish

Developer: melessthanthree

Release Date: March 11

Platforms: PC, Switch

“THE NEO-SANCTUM SHALL FALL. Claim retribution against the theocratic Faiths as you master vicious hack-and-slash combat in this action-RPG where style is salvation.”

Passing By – A Tailwind Journey

Developer: Studio Windsocke

Release Date: March 12

Platforms: PC, Switch

“Take to the skies in your balloon ship and explore a colorful world of floating islands. Befriend fellow travelers and quirky islanders, use your wits to solve immersive puzzles, and gather resources to continue your journey towards an unknown destination.”


Developer: Demagog Studio

Release Date: March 14

Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Mobile

“Earth has flooded and the planet is doomed, but there’s still time to enjoy the view. Guide Nikos and friends through the flooded world of Highwater and beyond in this story driven, adventure game where they’ll have to fight for their chance to escape.”

Crown Wars: The Black Prince

Developer: Artefacts Studio

Release Date: March 14

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S

“The War of Crowns rages on. Knights and brigands run rampant throughout the land, sowing destruction. From your castle base, rise to become the lord who leads the battle against the forces of evil in this turn-based tactics and strategy game.”

Bears In Space

Developer: Broadside Games

Release Date: March 22

Platforms: PC

“Unleash your inner bear in this over-the-top bullet-hell FPS! Embark on a zany retro-futuristic adventure and destroy oil-thirsty robots with an outrageous arsenal. Transform into a bear, wield unique powers, and embrace the absurd fast-paced action of Bears in Space!”

Open Roads

Developer: Open Roads Team

Release Date: March 28

Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch

Long-lost family secrets. Hints of a hidden fortune. And miles to go before they sleep. Tess Devine’s relationship with her mom has never been easy, but they’re about to set out together on a journey into the past that they’ll never forget.”

MARS 2120

Developer: QUByte Interactive

Release Date: March 28

Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch

“Metroidvania with a mix of melee and ranged combats inspired by classics like Super Metroid, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night or Guacamelee! Help Anna “Thirteen” Charlotte battle her way through the secrets of Mars.”

Pepper Grinder

Developer: Ahr Ech

Release Date: March 28

Platforms: PC, Switch

“Pepper Grinder is an action-packed 2D adventure blending traditional platforming with an alternate drilling mode that allows you to dive in and out of the earth like a dolphin swims through water.”

Bears in Space

Perhaps we’re a little biased, but this Australian-made indie is just too fun and whimsical not to highlight. After playing it at PAX Aus 2023, it’s safe to say we’ve been excited for this release ever since—and it’s not just because you get to rip space robots apart with your bear hands.