World of Warcraft: The War Within Hands-on Preview – Delving into the Isle of Dorn

Posted on April 18, 2024

The next World of Warcraft expansion, The War Within, is gearing up for its grand debut with the commencement of alpha testing this week. We were invited to an exclusive hands-on sneak peek into Azeroth’s latest chapter.

This journey takes us through subterranean worlds filled with hidden wonders and perils, down to the dark depths of the Nerubian empire, where the Harbinger of the Void is gathering arachnid forces to bring Azeroth to its knees.

This initial phase of testing invites select players to check out a large amount of content contained in The War Within’s first zone, The Isle of Dorn, including:

  • Isle of Dorn Quests: Engaging quests, including both main storyline missions and intriguing side quests.
  • Dungeons and Delves: Two challenging dungeons—Cinderbrew Meadery and The Rookery. Additionally, the introduction of Delves offers mini-dungeons filled with unique mechanics and treasure-hunting opportunities.
  • Profession updates: Herbalism takes center stage in this expansion, promising new opportunities to master the art of gathering and crafting.
  • Hero talents: Talent tree updates promising more simplicity and flexibility.

In celebration of World of Warcraft’s 20th anniversary, Blizzard has unveiled a special Collector’s Edition for The War Within. This limited edition set is a must-have for fans and includes exclusive digital and physical goodies such as:

  • Epic Edition of the game with all its bonuses
  • Art of The War Within hardcover book
  • Collector’s Pin featuring iconic characters
  • 20th Anniversary Gryphon Rider statue.

Find out more information about the Collector’s Edition on The War Within website.

The moment we stepped foot onto the Isle of Dorn, we were greeted by a sense of familiarity tinged with anticipation. Quests awaited, dungeons beckoned, and the promise of untold treasures whispered in the wind.

My first quest led me on a chase after dwarf factions. Venturing into the dungeons of Cinderbrew Meadery and The Rookery, I found the excitement of exploration, an area oof fiery bees to wise-cracking goblins.

But it was the introduction of Delves that felt special. Teaming up with an NPC companion, I delved into mini-dungeons filled with treasure and plenty of battles. Each delve offered a unique challenge, from navigating through darkness to battling against enemy-summoning spiderwebs.

The War Within expansion may have its familiar elements, but it also promises new adventures and discoveries waiting to be made. Our time was brief and we are keen to see everything the expansion has to offer, but our experience offerred hope and anticipation for the adventures yet to come.

As the alpha testing phase continues and more details emerge, we eagerly await uncovering the mysteries of The War Within.