WoW Cataclysm Classic brings you back to a shattered Azeroth

Posted on May 21, 2024

When Deathwing arrived and changed Azeroth, the pristine landscapes of the world changed forever. Thanks to World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic, you now have the opportunity to return and re-experience one of Azeroth’s biggest moments. For new players, it’s your chance to jump into one of Azeroth’s most crucial stages after the fall of the Lich King. More updates are in the wings as Cataclysm Classic looks to become the best experience possible. Leveling is simpler, content is more challenging, and it’s never been easier to find friends to go on raids with you. Even a small guild can shine and make a name for themselves if you are tired of the big-name guilds.

We sat down with Clayton Stone, Associate Direction Producer, and Linny Cooke-Saverline, Game Producer, to discuss the main reason players should jump into Cataclysm Classic. With several big WoW releases coming out this year, what would make people pick Cataclysm Classic out of those releases?

“…it really is breathing new life into something and putting it in the best light possible with smart quality-of-life changes.”

“We are providing an experience that players who participated in Cataclysm 14 years ago get to relive” said Clayton. This includes the nuance of players who jumped in after Cataclysm and never got to experience the full adventure. The journey from Level 1-60 is special and players can’t re-experience some Cataclysm content with the previous expansion. “It really is breathing new life into something and putting it in the best light possible with smart quality-of-life changes.” he adds.

The full world of Cataclysm is available for you to explore with the new Goblin and Worgen races. New transmog options are available for your equipment with a better UI that makes it easy to find what you need. Exploring the world during Cataclysm has never looked better and each zone has been touched up. It still looks like the same area that veterans are comfortable with, but with enough polish that newer players can appreciate.

Adventuring and facing new enemies in Cataclysm is better thanks to the new leveling improvements. Going from Levels 1 – 60 is the same experience, but Levels 60-80 have accelerated leveling to let you access Cataclysm’s content sooner. This prevents you from feeling like you aren’t making much progress and allows you to explore the new areas quickly. You also don’t have to complete the normal version of raids, letting you experience the perfect difficulty from the start.

“We also ended up making updates to the guilds, because guilds are a really fun group activity.”

“We wanted to add more customisation for players,” says Linny. Cataclysm Classic adds different hairstyles, transmog options for legendary equipment, and others that weren’t originally in the 2010 release. You can now edit the appearances of your Gilnead and Worgen forms instead of only being able to design one of them.

“We also ended up making updates to the guilds, because guilds are a really fun group activity,” adds Linny. The leveling bonus from joining large guilds has been given to players, meaning you don’t have to join the biggest guilds around. You can start your own guild and make it all about your friends. If people want to group together for a common cause, that’s okay too! There are no strict benefits for joining a guild and it’s easier to make friends who share your interests. The improved Dungeon Group Finder also makes it easier for you to find the right people for a raid. You can also find people to make a guild or just hang out as friends occasionally.

More challenging content is available in Cataclysm Classic, meaning you want people who can tightly coordinate with you. Future updates will roll out as time goes on and feedback comes in, such as Dynamic Dungeon Difficulty and the streamlined Auction House. Now is the time to jump into Cataclysm and make some new friends while re-experiencing one of the most iconic moments in Azeroth’s history. With more updates on the horizon, the experience can only get better.

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