April 2018

Coming out — April 23

This week, starting April 23, it's an indie explosions from ghoulish dating sims, generations of adorable warriors and your own snowy post apocalyptic city. Read on


Coming out — April 16

This week, starting April 16, get out the scissors and glue before battling your way through Norse mythology and folklore with a familiar face. Read on


Coming out — April 9

This week, starting April 9, the human races get dwarfed under oversized enemies and a perfectly normal multi dimensional high school. Read on


Coming out — April 2

This week, starting April 2, Apes take over PlayStation VR and a pair of brand new indie titles range between monochromatic and technicolour. Read on


March 2018

Coming out — March 26

This week, starting March 26, Ubisoft are set to wow us with their latest title from Far Cry 5 and plenty of JRPG's get localised. Read on


Immortal Unchained first impressions

Dark Souls has become one of the most influential games of the decade, and developers everywhere are slashing their way into this winning formula. Fresh onto the Souls scene is Immortal Unchained by developer Toadman Interactive who just this week are having their closed Alpha for the title. Read on


February 2018

December 2017

PUBG on Xbox One is shabby but fun mayhem

For the last several months, as a console gamer I've felt like an outsider looking in on the biggest gaming trend of the year, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. While it has finally "released" out of early access on PC, the Xbox One version only dropped a week ago, marking the first console experience for the popular battle royal shooter. Read on


November 2017

Take your battles to the sky with the new line of Star Wars Propel drones

I don't really know anything when it comes to drones, but what I do know plenty about is Star Wars. So when Propel, the largest global developer and manufacturer of drones, recently invited me to learn to fly their brand new Star Wars themed range — well you'd have to be a stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerfherder to say no to an offer like that. Read on


PAX Aus 2017: City of Brass; gonna kick your ass

It's not just my weekends that involve cursed cities, death traps, a whip in hand and a great load of booty; At PAX Aus this year I was lucky enough to check out City of Brass, an Early Access title from Uppercut games  and a chat with the team behind it. If you're a fan of puzzles and dying a lot, as seems to be rather in vogue at the moment, this won't be one to miss. Read on


PAX Aus 2017: Dead Static Drive gives you a spooky road trip

Even without the 90's spooky TV the inescapable isolation the geography of the region creates goes hand in hand with the idea that the fabric between our world and others can get pretty thin. I thrive off of these themes and can't get enough of them, so I can guarantee that Dead Static Drive is somewhere at the top of my most anticipated games. Read on