Issues with Quantum Break? Microsoft & Remedy hear you!

Posted on April 14, 2016

Microsofts newest Xbox One console exclusive IP just launched last week but users have been reporting some problems with the game. Framerate issues and crashes have been plaguing some users on both PC and Xbox. Remedy have stated that they are”working diligently with Microsoft Studios” to resolve them, according to Polygon

Remedy is working to resolve a variety of issues that players are reporting as well as improve the overall performance and stability of the game. Issues are ranging from general framerate drops to crashes at start; a full list can be found here on the Quantum Break forums.

The troubles plaguing Quantum Break’s PC copy are not good news for Microsofts budding Universal Windows Platform(UWP) as a gaming service, which Quantum Break launched on exclusively. Players have already voiced concerns that UWP and the Windows Store aren’t optimised for large games such as Quantum Break and issues such as these do not help the consumer view of it.

Players who pre-ordered Quantum Break on Xbox One are currently receiving their free Windows 10 copies of the game via the Xbox App, hopefully Microsoft and Remedy can have these issues resolved in a timely manner.