3 upcoming indie platformers to keep your eye on

Posted on June 20, 2016


Developer:  Studio MDHR
Release Date:  2016
Platforms:  Xbox One, PC

Back at E3 2014 Cuphead was first shown to the world and people immediately fell in love.  The game is just oozing with style and aesthetic uniqueness, it is fully hand-drawn and takes heavy inspiration from 1930’s cartoons.  Originally slated to focus primarily on boss battles, the game has since evolved to incorporate standard platforming levels to add to the cooperative, run and gun mayhem.  With no specific release date announced we are still expecting to see this game some time this year on Xbox One and PC.



Developer:  Playdead
Release Date:  June 29th
Platforms:  Xbox One, PC

Inside is a game that may have potentially gone unnoticed by a lot of people but it really, really shouldn’t have.  It’s the spiritual successor to 2010’s instant classic – Limbo.  With big shoes to fill, Inside seems to be sticking with the same haunting and lonely atmosphere of Playdead’s previous title.  The mystery of the world around you and your character’s desperate attempts to survive through it seem to be a major plot point that has definitely sparked my curiosity.  The game will be releasing June 29th for Xbox One and July 7th for PC.


Hollow Knight

Developer:  Team Cherry
Release Date:  2016
Platforms:  PC, Mac, Linux, Wii U

All of these platformers look so creatively beautiful and Hollow Knight is most certainly no exception in this regard.  I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard of this game until today so I’m pleasantly surprised that it’s releasing so soon.  The game has an awesome ‘cute meets creepy’ look about it and the platforming seems intriguing and tight.  For those of you looking for more the game’s developers have also released a video showcasing more of Hollow Knight’s combat and it looks very satisfying.