8 minutes of Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay

Posted on June 14, 2016

Hot dam does it feel good when you are treated to a solid chunk of gameplay footage at one of these E3 press conferences and that is exactly what Sony has done with Horizon Zero Dawn.

The video shows off the half futuristic, half prehistoric open world in all of it’s beauty and I don’t think that beauty can be overstated at this point.  It really does manage to successfully create an interesting aesthetic for itself with bold colours and juxtaposing mechanical and natural environments for the protagonist Aloy to explore.

Revealed in the video were some of the core gameplay elements of Horizon Zero Dawn including archery and melee combat sequences, scanning for enemy details and weaknesses, Hunting and salvaging parts from creatures for crafting, tethering enemies in place, controlling and riding your mechanical foes as well as rpg style dialogue wheels and questing.  It looked to me like a whole lot of fun but honestly you should just watch the video for yourself.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set to be released on March 1st 2017 on the PlayStation 4.