More amazing Rocket League content on the way

Posted on June 11, 2016

Park your butts on the sofa, accelerate your heart rate and prepare to drive your loved ones crazy (okay, I’ve officially depleted my supply of car based puns) because Rocket League is receiving it’s “biggest update yet” on June 20th.

Today sees the release of a new video by Rocket League developers Psyonix to show off the stunningly, beautiful Neo Tokyo arena that will be arriving in the free June 20th update as well as two Neo Tokyo inspired DLC cars (Esper and Masamune) set to be released separate to the update on July 18th.

Originally existing as part of the ‘Rocket Labs’ experimental playlist, Neo Tokyo is said to be a re-imagined version of a previously well received, multi-tiered stadium by the name of ‘Underpass.’  The video shows off the stadiums particular style of beauty and the unusually highly detailed and dense environment surrounding the arena.  It has also been confirmed on twitter that the new map will be playable within Rocket League’s  ranked ladder.  Hooray!

Along with the new map, the June 20th update will also bring about:

  • A season 3 reset for competitive playlists
  • Over 20 ‘rare’ and ‘very rare’ item types receivable in post-game drops
  • A new trading system that will allow items of a higher rarity to be traded with multiple items of a lower rarity
  • New paint jobs for preexisting vehicle parts such as toppers and wheels
  • Special ‘Certified’ items that increase in prestige with the advancement of specific in-game stats
  • New chat options for faster and expanded in-game communication
  • A post-game spotlight on the winning team that allows them to jump, spin and boost in celebration of their victory
  • A new experimental arena called ‘Pillars’ that separates the arena into 3 lanes via large walls running through the stadium
  • 8 new trophies/achievements
  • And finally an in-game showroom allowing players to view and purchase DLC for the game

So mark your calendars and get giddy with excitement because all this juicy, new content will be coming to both PC and consoles very shortly.