Confirmed: Dishonored 2 will feature LGBT characters

Posted on June 5, 2016

In a new interview with the co creative director for Dishonoured 2, Harvey Smith, it has been confirmed that LGBT characters will be featured in the upcoming sequel.  He states in the interview that:

“We wanted to have more representation this time….. There is a gay character, there’s a bi character. We’re better in representation in that sense.” he confirmed.  The original game received praise for its female protagonist, who is portrayed as a strong, non-sexualised character. Smith revealed that there will be “at least a few characters who, if you dig into them, you realise that they’re not straight.”

I am personally, really looking forward to how this is handled. The Last of Us is the standout title for me in terms of normalised inclusion of LGBT characters, and if Dishonored 2 is able to do anywhere near as good a job, it will join the ranks as one of my top games.

The full interview is available here.