Destiny Expansion announced: Rise of Iron

Posted on June 29, 2016

Good news for those of us obsessed with all things Destiny, a new expansion announcement and cinematic trailer! Rise of Iron is the latest addition to Bungie’s blockbuster Destiny and will be available later this year.

The video mentions a plague sealed away long ago and features red veiny structures and enemies, it appears this mysterious plague has returned with a fallen army under its command (it’s always the fallen, isn’t it?). The expansion features a new storyline and areas to explore where you can discover what happened to the Iron Lords, an arsenal of new equipment for you to earn (read: grind, grind, grind) and of course, the juiciest bit of meat on the steak being thrown to the wolves, new raid content!

Black, silver, shiny, Bungie are working hard for those pre-orders.

Bungie have also decided to pay homage to all the year 1 players as the fabled Gjallarhorn will be making a return in Rise of Iron. There will be 2 ways to earn it; you can pre-order the expansion, or go through an allegedly HARD quest-line to obtain it. If you’re dead set on buying Rise of Iron, I advise going with the pre-order and saving yourself all the time it’ll take (knowing how much we all love Gjallarhorn, Bungie will love making us work for it). Named the “Iron Gjallarhorn”, our beloved rocket launcher has undergone a nice slick black and silver theme, which fits nicely with the new expansion.

What’s most interesting is Bungie’s decision to discontinue support for PS3 and Xbox 360 for the new expansion, it will be unavailable on what are now known as legacy consoles. Bungie has given us a breakdown of what it can and can no longer support on last generation consoles when Rise of Iron hits the latest generation in September, PS3 and Xbox 360 players will still have access to boss challenges, Crucible challenges, heroic strikes and missions , Arms day activities and the three existing raids. Seeing as how only 10 percent of the community play Destiny on the last generation of consoles, it seems Bungie have finally made a move to focus primary support this generation, which could potentially mean an increase of content output for us, or more focus on graphical capabilities for the future.

Rise of Iron hits our consoles on the 20th of September this year. To play, you’ll need to own all of Destiny’s previous DLC and expansions, a current generation console, and I recommend stocking up on essentials like food, water and annual leave, and you’ll be well prepared to binge, grind, and shoot to your heart’s content. I seriously can’t wait to get my hands on a giant flaming hammer!