Detroit: Become Human expanded on

Posted on June 14, 2016

After Sony’s announcement at Paris Games week, a new trailer concerning Detroit: Become Human has been shown at E3 based on in game footage.

In the new trailer, Connor is confronted with a tense hostage situation involving a deviant android holding a little girl and threatening to jump from a rooftop. Depending on your decisions and strategy, Connor will succeed or fail in saving the girl; survive or die. Your actions will lead to different outcomes and will have consequences far beyond this scene.

Detroit is about playing the story. Through your actions and decisions you drive the story and face the consequences of your choices. You are in charge of the fate of these characters. You will become a “co-writer” who will have to make critical decisions that will impact the entire story and its world.

From the PlayStation blog:

“As you play as all of the characters, you’ll see the story from different perspectives. You will need to weigh each decision, as actions made by one character may have consequences on others. You will also need to avoid putting the characters at risk, because they can all die, and like in Heavy Rain, the story will continue without them.”

I am a huge fan of Quantic Dream and for me, Detroit: Become Human looks like it is set to trump Heavy Rain in terms of the emotional complexity and decision making presented.  I want to get my hands on this game as soon as possible.