DOOM first level free for a week

Posted on June 13, 2016

Bethesda are so happy with the positive response to their hell-ish shooter DOOM that they are giving everybody a chance to play it for free.

During their E3 press conference, they announced that a demo featuring the full first mission would be available to play for all gamers on PC, Xbox One and PS4, for a week starting from today.

The trailer below was also revealed. “id Software’s Marty Stratton reveals all the new free content coming to DOOM, including new SnapMap tools and Hell visual themes, plus new multiplayer modes including fan favorites like Classic Deathmatch, capture the flag, and capture & hold. He also shares news around the game’s first DLC pack, Unto the Evil, which includes three new multiplayer maps, new equipment, a new weapon, and the Harvester–and a new player-controlled demon.”

In our review of DOOM, we said: ” …I keep going back and there is something very cathartic about this particular brand of unrelenting and unwavering violence and shouty metal soundtrack. DOOM has a clear identity, knows exactly what it is and doesn’t mess around, and succeeds in being a great throwback to a time when storyline meant nothing and it was all about the intense, fast-paced gore that never lets up. While not a revolution, it’s bloody good fun, and to some that will be all that matters.”