Final Fantasy VII Monopoly arriving 2017

Posted June 30, 2016

Merchoid has recently revealed that Monopoly will be getting a Final Fantasy VII themed board game to join the rest of its collection of assorted Monopoly themes.

No different to the original board game’s purpose to bankrupt all opposing players, the only unique difference is that it will be based in the City of Midgar, and will include iconic characters (such as Cloud, Aeris, Sephiroth and many other fan favourite Final Fantasy VII characters),  locations and elements from the classic 1997 Final Fantasy game.

Final Fantasy VII Monopoly is now available for pre-order ($50 USD) on the Merchoid site and will be released April 11, 2017.

There has been no further updates on  a release date for the highly anticipated  Final Fantasy VII Remake, however to help ease the pain of patiently waiting  here is a picture of the Monopoly box.

FFV11 2


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