Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age announced

Posted on June 7, 2016

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has been announced as a HD remake of the classic Final Fantasy XII coming to PS4 in 2017. The remake gives us our first look at the Zodiac Job System, a 12-job character progression system.

The Zodiac Age also comes with:

  • Boosted visuals and audio including fully remastered characters and movie cut scenes.
  • A trial mode where you can face off against up to 100 enemies and monsters.
  • The ability to switch between the new soundtrack and the classic one.
  • Advanced gameplay technologies like autosave (!), trophy systems and reduced loading times.

Watch the reveal trailer here

Final Fantasy XII¬†was the last Final Fantasy game to be released on the PS2 before the age of the PS3, and served as a bit of a swansong for the console; as such, it’s one that many people missed out on! We’re excited to see it coming to the current generation of consoles. How about you?