The King of Fighters XIV – Team Kim announced

Posted on June 10, 2016

As you may  have heard, SNK’s ,The King of Fighters series is set to make a return in 2016 for The King of Fighters XIV

To help build the hype for this upcoming title of this highly anticipated title,  a new team trailer has been released showing off Team Kim consisting of Kim, Gang-Il and Luong.

For those not familiar with The King of Fighters , unlike Tekken and Street Fighter that focus on a single player campaign and gameplay, The King of Fighters revolves around a three team squad that sometimes possess a different fighting style or share the same, however all share the one story line and rely on each other to progress through each stage.

So a bit of insight in to this remarkable team:

Kim: Kim is an expert Tae Kwon Do master with extremely lethal kicking attacks, in regards to personality his serious and holds a strong sense for justice.

Gang-Il – The chairmen of The World Tae Kwon Do and Kim’s teacher, Gang-Il is the opposite of Kim possessing a free spirited personality.

Luong– A mysterious seductive character and  Gang-Il’s love interest, she also possess lethal Tae Kwon Do abilities that will surely achieve a quick k.o.

How about that? A team of hard kickers. All they’re missing is matching attire.

The King of Fighters XIV has been set to release in Europe on the 26 of August,2016 exclusively for PS4.

For more information on The King of Fighters XIV, you can visit the official site by clicking here.