New Pokémon Sun and Moon features and the new Professor

Posted on June 16, 2016

Although November 18th 2016 may seem like months away (funny that), The Pokémon Company is proving they are the master of marketing and rightfully earning their $2 billion annual profit.  As part of E3 2016 additional features have been announced for the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon game installments for Nintendo 3DS/2DS that have fans in a frenzy.

Amongst the announcements was the first in-game look at the Mythical Magearna, a steel fairy artificial Pokémon made 500 years ago by a scientist of ‘uncommon genius’ with a rather impressive sounding Fleur Cannon attack (flower power!).  Three additional Pokémon were revealed, a bug type Grubbin, a woodpecker-like Pikepek, and Yungoos, a mongoose-like Pokémon who, according to social media, bears an uncanny similarity to Donald Trump.  Make Alola great again!

Would you vote for this Pokémon?
Would you vote for this Pokémon?

These Pokémon add to a (slowly) growing list of pocket monsters who will inhabit Sun and Moon.  Overall, fans appear to be quite happy with the legendary creatures of the games: Solgaleo (psychic/steel type for Sun) and Lunala (psychic/ghost for Moon) who both continue to tease fans with new footage of their new forms, a Radiant Sun phase and Full Moon phase respectively.  Fans also wait patiently for additional information regarding the evolved forms of the confirmed starters: Litten the fire cat who spits flaming hairballs (what’s there not to love about that), Rowlet the “Grass Quill Pokémon” (aka an owl with a leaf bowtie), and the water sea lion Popplio who has received much criticism over its clown-like prowess and an ability to snort water (and probably sea lion snot) out of its nose as a attack.

Also announced at E3 2016 is the brand new Royal Battle Format featuring a 4 way free-for-all battle where each player selects three Pokémon, sending each in one at a time in a simple yet chaotic battle where attacks can come from multiple players, and gives the game an additional strategy of “helping” another player to further your own cause (insert evil grin here).  I am hoping Popplio can enact its revenge here against all the haters.  Or maybe it just needs to make friends with Yungoos.

Amidst all the excitement from the marketing giant, the fans do truly run the show, and looking at the fan art and social media it looks as though Littern may have to step aside – the real fire starter in Alola is the new Professor Kukui!

This shirtless Hawaiian god of the Alola region in a lab coat will be your new Pokémon mentor and is becoming quite the sex symbol (as far as Pokémon goes) over the interwebs since his announcement in Sun and Moon.  This is even despite the fact he will give your character a haunted Pokédex (Rotom is about as cute as a Ghost Pokémon can get though).   Let’s just hope other Professors do not take his lead, because, no too late, that image of Professor Oak will now give me many sleepless nights. And not in a good way.

That's super effective Kukui!
That’s super effective Kukui!

Check out the new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon showcasing the new Pokémon and Royal Battle here: