Oh my! It’s a Star Trek VR game!

Posted on June 15, 2016

Captain to the deck! (psst that can be you) more E3 2016 information has been released about the upcoming VR title Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

Virtual Reality (VR) games are the next big ticket item and to be honest, the overall calibre of the latest Star Trek games have been fairly woeful.  So it is with great expectation that Ubisoft/Red Storm Entertainment have developed a VR Star Trek game that will enable you and up to three friends to take charge of the USS Aegis as Captain, Engineer, Helm Officer or Tactical Officer (the one that fires the weapons, aka me).

The 360 degree immersive and shared virtual environment gameplay is set on the bridge of a ship “90%” similar to the Enterprise.  As a team, or yes you can play by yourself as I probably will (–sigh-), you run the ship, carry out missions and complete objectives.  Your task will be to explore the unknown stretch of space called “The Trench” to find a new home world for the Vulcans who lost theirs in the 2009 Abrams movie.  My sister just bought a new house so I am sure a few can crash there for a few nights if need be while they wait.

While the prospect of controlling a starship will most likely appeal to only the most die-hard fans-that’s the point, you get to immerse yourself in a real (ie. virtual) Star Trek environment.  I suspect the most fun with this game will be to role play your favourite character with your friends and finally to able to bring to life your Janeway realness.

The first glimpse of the game was carried out by none other than the goddess Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine, Star Trek: Voyager), Levar Burton (Geordi La Forge, Star Trek: Next Generation/Voyager) and Karl Urban (the “new Bones” in the reboot movies Star Trek/Into Darkness/Beyond).

Was the game fun to play?  To quote Ryan, “Holy crap, this is amazing!”

I think that is enough to convince me.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is due for release “this fall” for Playstation VR, Rift and Vive.