Persona 5 receives Valentine’s Day launch

Posted on June 8, 2016

Atlus has returned with its  favorite band of masquerade Phantom Thieves  for the 5th chapter of Atlus’s award winning RPG series Persona, Persona 5. It has been confirmed that Persona 5  has been scheduled for release in the Americas  for  February 14, 2017 ,and will be exclusive to the PS4 and PS3.

Awww how about that, right on Valentines Day! The elements of the game really suit the day too; Japanese school girl outfits, people wearing masks, role playing, going on fantastical adventures… sounds like something else, doesn’t it? It’s Valentines Day after all, the day to spread the love, video game style!

Pre-orders are now available as well as an insight into the two PS4 exclusive editions Persona 5 will be available in:

SteelBook Launch Edition

The normal standard edition of the two, which comes with a copy of Persona 5 encased in a collectible steelbook patterned by Persona 5 Designs.

“Take Your Heart” Premium Edition

The premium edition  packs more collectables which  includes the following:

  • Soundtrack CD: A selection of music from Persona5 by legendary series composer Shoji Meguro in a CD wallet featuring P5 artwork.
  • 4″ Morgana plush:  An exclusive 4″ plush of Morgana the cat.
  • 64-page hardcover art book:  Concept sketches, character art, and more by character designer Shigenori Soejima.
  • SteelBook: A collectable Steelbook patterned by Persona5 Designs encased inside is a copy of Persona5.
  • School bag: The exclusive replica bag from the Persona series with the Shujin Academy crest.
  • Collectible outer box:  The “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition comes in a colossal collectible box.

There has been no further  information released for an  Oceania release date or confirmation on the special editions, so our fingers are well and truly crossed! For more information on Persona 5 you can visit the official site by clicking here.