Pokémon – New details for Sun and Moon revealed

Posted on June 5, 2016

As the launch date for the next generation of Pokémon games draws closer, GameFreak have gone ahead and given us a sneak peek look at new legendary Pokémon, the Aloha region and characters you’ll find in the 7th generation installment coming this November.

The video gives us a look at the new Pokémon Professor for the Aloha region (Professor Kukui) and introduces a host of characters you’re sure to encounter, such as  Lillie, the professor’s assistant and Hau, who is your new friend for the region (similar to past Pokémon games, you’ve just recently moved to the land of Aloha). Oh and your Pokédex comes with an in-built Rotom (is it breaking the 4th wall a bit too much if your Pokédex is a Pokémon?).

Along with further reveals, we find out more about the new legendaries exclusive to each version, Solgaleo and Lunala.

Sol Galeo2

Solgaleo is the Pokémon Sun Legendary, a metallic looking lion who is a psychic and steel type with a new ability called Full Metal Body that functions similarly to Clear Body (prevents lowering stats). Solgaleo also debuts a new and fiery move called Sunsteel Strike.


Lunala, the legendary bat who represents Pokémon Moon, is a psychic and ghost type with a new ability called Shadow Shield, which allows Lunala to take less damage from Pokémon with full HP. Lunala got to show off a new move of it’s own, called Moongeist Beam.

Pokémon Sun & Moon have been given a release date of November 18th, 2016. There have also been a few updates to the Pokémon Company website which you can check out here! With only 164 days to go, there’s sure to be more reveals in the coming weeks of more gameplay mechanics, in-game footage of the new region and a host of new Pokémon to capture.

So who is quickly becoming your favourite Pokémon this generation? Solgaleo, the Full Metal Alchem- I mean, Lion, or the sharp edged but elegant Bat Lunala? Let us know in the comments below!