Resident Evil VII revealed and fully VR compatible!

Posted on June 14, 2016

Resident Evil VII has been announced today at Sony’s E3 press conference in the form of a debut trailer.  The game looks to be straying in a slightly new direction from some of the previous titles in the franchise with a first-person perspective and with what seems to be less action and more horror.  As a massive horror game fan and as somebody who didn’t enjoy the action focused style of the more recent Resident Evil games, this new focus definitely peaks my interest.

Alongside traditional gaming platforms such as PC, PS4 and X-Box One Resident Evil VII will also be playable in its entirety on PlayStation VR and that to me sounds horrifying.  As somebody who has been lucky enough to try horror games on VR technology, I have to say that it truly does bring a whole new level of immersion based fear to these titles.  The game will be running on a new engine previously seen in last years ‘Kitchen Demo’ and is boasted to showcase a “shocking degree of visual fidelity” with photo-realistic graphics.

There is currently a demo available for PlayStation Plus members but for the rest of us we will have to wait for the game’s release on January 24th 2017.